Revealed! Crucial detail that Windows 10 privacy critics are missing

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    I guess we all should have clicked on 'Decline' instead of 'Accept' when the EULA came up!
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    gator2013 said:
    Unfortunately I must agree with you on that point. Problem is, MS has 100% access to your device especially if running W-10. None of the other companies have that capability.*
    *-Emphasis mine...

    I disagree... To begin with, MS has retro-fitted W7 and W8.x with "telemetry patches", under the "important updates" header. Most people didn't realize this and even the ones who did, it's too late if they need to remove it. The data has already been uploaded to MS servers.

    Other OS's can and do similar "telemetry" collection, such as OSX, Chrome, Linux distroes, etc. Applications are another can of worm, they can collect data just as well as the OS can. All of the local installation of programs with optional/enforced cloed connection can and does collect user data. For example MS retro-fitted Office 2013 with "telemetry" data collection patches from Office 2016, Firefox versions later than 6.0.6 has mandatory cloud connector, etc.

    So, no, it is not just Microsoft who does this, if anything Microsoft is late to the party. Their market share and the possible extent of their data collection will make up for being late...
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    dencal said:
    Your above post could be summarised using three words......Marketing.....Making Money.
    I was not aware that we'd need to limit our conversation to three words...
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    A little to think about

    Microsoft does not do anything special compared to any other.
    But people seems to love to hate Microsoft
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    Cr00zng said:
    I was not aware that we'd need to limit our conversation to three words...
    Summarised means to add on at the what I considered a good post.
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    Edwin said:
    I guess we all should have clicked on 'Decline' instead of 'Accept' when the EULA came up!
    These companies allow you to opt-out of targeted advertising, but it's hard to do. I opted out of Google's targeting, but am now getting all kinds of hotel ads on various websites, and a few in my e-mail, after making a Marriott reservation last week. It looks like Microsoft has picked up where Google left off. How do you opt-out of Microsoft's targeting?
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    Edwin said:
    I guess we all should have clicked on 'Decline' instead of 'Accept' when the EULA came up!
    Is it too late? What if I wax my partitions and do a clean install now? Can I decline then? Can I? Can I?
    Is there a TF(Tin Foil NOT Ten Forums) version of the EULA? That might be an idea a TFEULA!!!
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    Kari said:
    Might of course be me being not on the same intellectual level but I fail see the relevance here, the common factor between this incident and the privacy in Windows?
    I wasn't claiming that MS and/or W10 was involved in that incident.

    It was a rebuttal to this statement, "You have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide."
    It has never been an effective defence against tyrants, criminals and/or troublemakers.

    For examples, see World history (1900 - present day) specifically:
    • WWI (and lead up to)
    • WWII (and lead up to)
    • Stalin
    • Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung)
    • Pol Pot
    • Rwanda
    • Syria
    • etc.

    Most of the people killed in those events (or by the order of the listed individuals) were doing "nothing wrong".

    As for the Fort Lee Scandal link, everyone in that district was punished because of information about one person's decision (Fort Lee's Mayor Mark Sokolich (D) for not endorsing Christie in the 2013 gubernatorial election).
    No doubt most of the people in that area had "nothing to hide" and therefore had "nothing to fear".

    People who voted for supported Christie were punished in exactly the same manner, as people who voted against were opposed to him.

    I seriously doubt that MS has any interest in me or my activities.
    There are many others who are interested.
    Why do you think keyloggers and spyware exist?

    The problem with MS doing what others (Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.) are doing is that it creates yet another data stockpile that criminals can hack in their ongoing ID theft campaigns.
    When your ID is used to commit fraud, who do you think the first person that the cops interview will be?

    Also, as far as I'm aware, MS won't say where to find this data and how to check that it only contains what they claim.

    Since some joker is bound to claim "that has nothing to do with IT", here are a couple of links:

    A significant number of users were inconvenienced by these incidents.

    dencal said:
    I think you might have been drinking a little too much of the amber liquid, such an irrelevant surreal post.
    Your opinion of your comedic prowess greatly exceeds the reality of it.
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  9. Lee
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    Olivir2014 said:
    I think those people have privacy issues, not Windows...
    . . .so true. . .
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  10. Lee
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    siepo said:
    You may call it analytics, but it is still data collection, and I do not like it. The data may be anonymized, but in many cases it will still be possible to uniquely identify people.
    And should we just trust Microsoft on their say-so that the collected data are innocuous, now and in perpetuity?
    Even basic data collection should be opt-out.
    Then adipose of any Microsoft OS you are using, and go to a Mac OS. . .oh wait. . .not a good idea. . .
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