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overall Ms has gone IMO a long way to repair the W8 fiasco -- they finally realized that not everybody operates computers in the same way as mobile phones and for zillions of people a traditional GUI with keyboard, mouse and re-sizeable windows still works best --anybody in Ms Labs ever tried "Day trading" on Stocks where you really do need several monitors open concurrently with real time applications working on all the screens. Cut and paste or even integrating pieces of different applications such as a presentation or a document embedded in EXCEL for example is still done much easier with a traditional computer --we don't all use machines just for email / web surfing.

IMO Windows 10 has definitely come a long way although I question still the current update methodology -- I still would prefer every so often a Service pack with only emergency security fixes / driver problems sorted out between service pack releases.

Take an example from our Linux colleagues --nearly all the serious Linux distros (Centos, opensuse, Ubuntu etc) are switching to "Long term support" with updates rolled out much less frequently. Seems Linux is going back to "Service pack" type of releases while Ms is going the other way --which was the previous Linux model - but now being dropped in favour of what's now known as LTS (or Long Term Stability / Support).