We’ve been waiting for the Surface Phone for a long time now. With a rocky start to the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, many Windows diehard fans have been disappointed with some of the steps that Microsoft has taken, and feel like their entry into the mobile world hasn’t really put its best foot forward. Thankfully, during the most recent Windows Weekly – a popular show with Mary Jo Foley – Chief marketing officer of Microsoft Chris Capossela dropped some hints that implied a bright future for those waiting for the Surface Phone to save the Windows 10 Mobile initiative.

Of course, the interview never had Microsoft’s CMO directly addressing the Surface Phone. That said, the way that he spoke about the past and future of Windows 10 Mobile could make even the most cynical Microsoft fans get a bit of a twinkle in their eye about the possibility of a revolutionary Surface Phone sometime in the near future. The discourse in question stemmed from Mary Jo Foley, who asked Capossela to “give me something to hope for in the new year as a Windows Phone fan, Chris, because I’m abandoning hope.”

To that, the Microsoft CMO replied: “We’re clearly very cognizant of our position in the phone world, and frankly we’ve done the hard yards to retrench and have an approach that, in this coming year, is very much about trying to satisfy our fans, and trying to have a great success in the business world, for businesses who want to buy phones for their employees.”...

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