There's more going on in your smartphone battery than you might think

Welcome to Smartphone Futurology. In this new series of science-filled articles, Mobile Nations guest contributor (and all-around good guy to know) Shen Ye walks through current technologies in use within our phones, as well as the cutting-edge stuff still being developed in the lab. There's quite a bit of science ahead, as a lot of the future discussions are based on scientific papers with a vast amount of technical jargon, but weve tried to keep things as plain and simple as possible. So if you want to dive deeper into just how the guts of your phone function, this is the series for you.

With 2014 now a fading memory, and a new generation of flagship handsets on the horizon, its time to look ahead and see what we might see in the smartphones of the future. We're kicking off the series with current and future battery technologies, along with some tips to help you improve the longevity of the batteries in your devices. Battery performance in both longevity and charging is one of the areas of mobile tech in which there's still plenty of room for improvement, and there's a wealth of different technologies in development aiming to do just that. Read on to find out more.
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