Windows 10: Windows 10 Users Give Up on Edge

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  1.    15 Dec 2015 #40

    I don't like using Edge Browser. Sometimes it doesn't allow me to view some of the sites. I have to open it with other browser to do that.
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       15 Dec 2015 #41

    Edge does not allow me to change the URL of a favourite.
    Edge will not open a pdf on my employer's employee website (my pay advice)

    So I will not use Edge - use Chrome instead.
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  3.    15 Dec 2015 #42

    Atomic77 said: View Post
    Everything Microsoft makes is so uber.
    Well be fair ... Wds 10 itself is much stable and good now ... IMHO ..
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  4. lopedoggie's Avatar
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       15 Dec 2015 #43

    4 browsers. edge is last and rare at that. Anyone remember Netscape? And one more thing, IE is still unstable IMO, crashes for no apparent reason daily many times. Chrome and FF rock solid.
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  5.    15 Dec 2015 #44

    I remember Netscape, used it for a couple years in mid to late '90's, not a bad browser for it's time.

    Edge just didn't end up working very good for me, and I gave it a chance too, from the insider program to RTM I used it, and tried to like it, but it was missing too much. It might catch up, with Edge MS is acting like it never saw a browser before, they know exactly what needs to be there for it to be considered usable by most users. I'm not talking about the few who can find no wrong with Edge, I'm talking about the many that choose something else. I've got Waterfox (Mozilla's original x64 browser) installed, don't use it too often, but it's better than Edge IMO.

    Never cared for Cortana type programs, I don't need to talk to my computer, although I have talked to it before, and still do on occasion, just not in a very nice way

    Since Netscape I've been using mostly IE, went back to IE11 after giving Edge a 2 or 3 month try. Don't very much like the way it's much more geared toward the tap and slide user, much less so for the desktop users. Can't understand why it was so difficult to integrate the functions of IE into Edge, rather than re-invent the wheel.

    IMO MS is still trying to get their OS and related programs to be universal for desktop, mobile, smartphone devices. They seem to have released W10 along with Edge probably a year too early. Mine seems to be pretty stable but has annoying problems, couldn't easily move to 1511 TH2 through WU.
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       15 Dec 2015 #45

    Here are other reasons:
    --Edge is nearly unmanageable by enterprise. Only recently was the ability added to set a default homepage, and you still can't set a homepage as a locked policy. There are so few Group Policies in Edge. Compare that to Chrome, which can be almost completely controlled via Group Policy. Google supports Group Policy better than Microsoft does!

    --Like all universal apps, Edge feels laggy compared to Win32 browsers. Sometimes, it feels like there is even a delay in it recognizing my keystrokes. Never had that issue in Chrome.

    --Like most universal apps, Edge has an atrocious, bland interface. No shading. No colors. Its looks like hieroglyphics. The settings area looks like a scattered, disorganized mess.

    --Compared to Chrome or Firefox, you basically can't customize the interface.

    --Compared to other browsers, Edge crashes a lot. Just like all universal apps do.
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  7.    16 Dec 2015 #46

    hTconeM9user said: View Post
    It will improve they are improving it all the time unless you don't update.

    How do you mean they try to sell you something, You tube has ads, Google has ads, this forum has ads.
    It does not mean we have to buy what is advertised.

    Cortana is 100% better than Google Voice will ever be as I could never get it working, neither on my laptop or smartphone.
    Have used Cortana on here and she understands exactly what I ask for, even installed it on my phone and works ok.
    Bing has improved to what it was and only gets the pages you want. not pages and pages of rubbish like google does.

    No way have they missed the mark
    If you log on, often it will have adds for Office or some other item in the corner, and none of the others you mention is an OS (an Operating System). They are things you chose to visit, an operating system should be just that, not a tag board for their advertising (they have Bing for that)

    And as for Cortana or Bing I am glad for you. I prefer my Google. Those really aren't up for discussion. You mentioned updates, LOL, that is a beast of another color. Yes, I have been an Insider since day one, so I update (how can you not? it is forced upon you). Which I also hate about 10, forced updates , please I don't even want to discuss it.

    What I criticized the most was Edge. It wasn't even mentioned early on in Windows 10 development. It was added later, they flaunted it as a new revolutionary thing, extensions, blah, blah, blah. At the time, to me, it just sounded nothing more than a hype topic to try and sell 10. I still feel that, for gods sakes you can't even run in other versions of Windows, how pathetic is that?

    Any way Edge is the topic here, so I think it best to try and keep on subject. IMHO
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  8. hTconeM9user's Avatar
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       16 Dec 2015 #47

    Ok to me and several others from reading their posts Edge is better and improving,
    If Windows 10 had not of come with a new Browser I would of not upgraded at all.
    The reason IE11 kept crashing on all the systems, if it had of just been one yes could of put up with that but that was on every system we had in the house.
    Now at last I can use a Browser without my systems giving me hassle as I have disabled IE from every system and ONLY use Edge
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  9.    16 Dec 2015 #48

    nigelmercier said: View Post
    It's not just extensions, Edge lacks basic functionality.
    Agree - Extensions would be nice, but I can get by without them, it's more than just that, as stated by others in this thread, it lacks a lot.

    lx07 said: View Post
    Hmmm. I do use it but less than I did. I must be part of the 32% who say they use it but don't.

    I keep finding things it can't do (VPN, passwords) and I have to keep repairing it (deleting the IENetCache folder). Having said that I like the spartan look. Not given up on it yet....
    I have used it less and less because of some of this and return to it hoping it's fixed, it's a long way off it seems.

    Trust_No1 said: View Post
    Edge IMO is a mess, outside of NO extensions, the simply fact that it imports bookmarks backwards and has literally no bookmark manager of any type is my biggest complaint. Not only that, it has no way to easily reset it, as IE, FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and every other browser on the internet has. I have over 300 bookmarks and to hand move everyone of those, is crazy.
    Totally agree with all this. Edge has lots still to have fixed/make work before I can use it.

    As I said, I go back and keep hoping. I like the look and feel of it but it's not useable - for me at least.
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  10.    16 Dec 2015 #49

    let me repeat what someone stated "Edge lacks basic functionality"

    without a doubt
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