lehnerus2000 said:
groze said:

Off topic comment

I never could get Linux Mint & Xfce desktop to work on my system. I did get lubuntu 14.10 LTS & Xfce desktop to work though. Maybe its because I have Linux installed on logical partitions only.
I'm almost 100% certain that I had Ubuntu 10 running in a logical partition.

I think my HDD partition setup was: XP, W7, Programs, Ubuntu, Files, Music, Videos, Downloads.
Maybe it had something to do with my triple boot setup (i.e. an Active Windows partition for GRUB to be installed to).

Linux Distros aren't as fussy as Windows.
You can install them to external HDDs and USB sticks.
I am aware of that. I tested several Linux systems. It is partially due to hardware as well, some wouldn't even install or install like I wanted. I am happy I found a Linux distro that will work with my system. That what I am going to use most when 7 extended support ends if I this computer still works by then.