A channel9 video: Satya Nadella on Cybersecurity and Microsoft’s new Cyber Defense Operations Center

In this special Taste of Premier episode we welcome Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and GM of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform Julia White to discuss Microsoft’s new approach on cyber and operational security in our mobile-first, cloud-first world.

  • [1:48] Microsoft's approach to cybersecurity – Our mission
  • [4:50] Cybersecurity in 2015 and beyond – What does the landscape look like and how can we overcome these challenges?
  • [15:08] Microsoft's new security posture – Platform. Intelligence. Partners.
  • [18:40] DEMO: Microsoft new cybersecurity platform – addressing cybersecurity thefts

    • Passwords and Windows Hello
    • SaaS applications and Azure Active Directory
    • Protection from Malware with Office 365
    • Downloading apps from the web and Windows 10 Device Guard
    • Pass-the-Hash (PtH) and Windows 10 Credential Guard
    • Protection from Data loss with Windows Intune and Windows 10
    • Monitor and Detect Identity Theft with Microsoft 's Advanced Threat Analytics
    • Securing your entire Infrastructure (on-premise and in the cloud) with Azure Security Center

  • [38:41] Our Security Platform – Windows 10, Microsoft Azure and Office 365
  • [43:40] Microsoft's New Cyber Defense Operations Center
  • [47:01] Microsoft: Empowering every person & every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Need more info? Check out Microsoft.com/Security