As your truly personal digital assistant, we’re enabling Cortana to call upon other services to help you get things done. You’ve seen us work with third parties like LinkedIn and Microsoft services like Office 365 to bring you an even richer Cortana experience. Today, we’re excited to announce that Cortana gets even better with a connection to Microsoft’s Power BI. Now available in Preview today, Cortana’s integration with Power BI enables anyone to get answers directly from their key business data in a more helpful, proactive, and natural way.

By integrating with Power BI, Cortana can give you answers directly from key business data.

By utilizing Power BI’s data visualization capabilities, Cortana can provide you with answers ranging from simple numerical values (“revenue for the last quarter”), charts (“number of opportunities by team”), maps (“average customer spending in California by city”), or even complete reports from Power BI.

Learn more about Cortana’s integration with Power BI here and make sure to have the latest update of Windows 10 to get started.

Source: Cortana Gets Even Smarter with Power BI Integration | Windows Experience Blog