Windows 8.1 Start Screen vs. Windows 10 Start Menu

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    Windows 10 Pro 22H2 64 bit

    MS does give you the choice.

    There was a bug in doing so. When using the Start Screen and booting to Desktop some startup programs would not load. To get them to load at startup you needed to also boot to the Start Screen. MS has been advised and should get this fixed.

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    MS didn't give us a choice when Windows 8 came out. When they first brought back the start menu it was a slap in the face to those of us that wanted a Win 7 type start menu. So far with Win 10 they are trying to please both the start menu and start screen users. Who's can say they won't try it again?
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    paulsalter said:
    8 neglected the desktop side and made the focal point the start screen
    10 is neglecting the metro side and making everything desktop oriented
    Or did MS realize that the desktop touchscreen thingy metro wasn't adopted by many? I have one for my flightsim but would never have converted to desktop computing with it, neh!
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    Agree with what Paul stated, but we'll see what Continuum brings to the table. Some aren't getting the orientation operation. 8.1 is Start Screen oriented, whereas 10 is desktop oriented just as 7 and prior.

    In 8.1 this means when a Modern Store app is closed out it returns to the Start Screen. When closing a desktop app it stays on the desktop. To return to the Start Screen one needs to press the WinKey or Start Flag. I would prefer it to return to the Start Screen immediately, but that's neither here nor there in this case. With 10, we're left looking at a desktop repeatedly only to push the WinKey or Start Flag.

    Personally I like the brief return to the Start Screen to see updated data there whatever it may be. e.g. I'm using an app and I get an email notification. I decide I don't want to answer to it just yet. I close out the app, it returns to the Start Screen, and then I open my Mail app to read/answer to the email. There's a certain flow to using an OS. Personally the Start Menu breaks it every time, whereas the Start Screen does not. It's also giving me at-a-glance personal info that the Start Menu does not.

    Like I stated > We shall see what Continuum brings.
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    Windows 10

    Perhaps one advantage the Start Menu has over the Start Screen is the ability to drag and drop back and forth to numerous locations, albeit a significant function for desktops or not.
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    Hi there

    I also think for devices with larger screens than small tablets or mobile phones a CASCADING type of menu (whether touch or mouse operated) beats any sort of single (one dimensional) endless scrolling type of system to select a tile and then start it.

    Even on a mobile phone I get irritated by the incessant scrolling I have to do to find an application -- probably due to the zillions of bloat apps that come pre-installed on most mobiles these days --and if you "root" then to get rid of the junk then things like Bank apps no longer work --doubly screwed !!!!.

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    Windows 8.1, Win10Pro

    Being able to toggle between the two would be the best option.
    Don't know about Classic Menu, but with Start8, you can toggle back and forth quite easily: click at the top of the start menu for the start screen, press Esc on the start screen for the start menu.
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  8. Lee
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    What. . .under Win 8 folks cried the wows of not having a start menu, and how sad it was they had to use a third party application to just have a start menu. . . Microsoft has given them a start menu (not as yet perfect though they are working on it), and now they are attempting to push the idea that a third party menu is the only way to go. . .go figure.
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    Speaking for myself, I like what MS is doing with the start menu in 10. I haven't used any third party menu programs in Win 10 and don't plan on using one. I'm curious what changes, If any, Will be made to the start menu before 10 goes final.
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    Windows 10

    K..., MS just needs to include these options and it'll be perfect for everybody!!!

    Windows 8.1 Start Screen vs. Windows 10 Start Menu-000011.png
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