Windows 10: First Major Update for Windows 10 Available

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       23 Nov 2015 #1390

    I had a similar issue, the TH2 upgrade from WU failed, after downloading, and no indication why or the error shown in WU History.
    The WU didn't offer me the TH2 update again, after MANY retires for "Available Updates".

    I finally gave up and downloaded the TH2 Windows_build_10586_version_1511.iso (when it was available) from the "WMC link" and upgraded using the "TF instructions".
    Upgrading that way way worked for me, but now it seems MS won't offer the latest ISO for updating outside of Windows Update.
    I'm glad i don't have a metered ISP plan, and do have decent download speed !

    I expect there are many here that will say it's a hardware or software problem with "My PC".
    Well, if that's true, why does the upgrade work for me when i use the ISO to do the upgrade ??????

    In some ways i hope many users have problems with their new approach, and MS gets the message.
    Most PC users (i know) don't hang out in Tech Forums such as Ten Forums, and wouldn't know what to do when things don't work.
    They call me or someone else such as a friend or Best Buy and ask for help.

    I'm using 7, 8.1, and 10 without problems, they all work for me now, i'm no fan-boy ...
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  2.    23 Nov 2015 #1391

    Thank you Cluster Head! That build is only available at the deutch version of the site?
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  3.    23 Nov 2015 #1392

    Ghost82 said: View Post
    Thank you Cluster Head! That build is only available at the deutch version of the site?
    Try this, was posted earlier, its the 10586 MCT. You can then download a 1511 10586 ISO if you want.
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       23 Nov 2015 #1393

    Ghost82 said: View Post
    Thank you Cluster Head! That build is only available at the deutch version of the site?
    No! - all languages! :)
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       23 Nov 2015 #1394

    lopedoggie said: View Post
    Going back to 7,8 or 8.1. What for? The future is now. If you thought upgrading to win10 was bad well, you already had your chance to get in on the ground floor and this forum probably has most solutions for win 10 issues. Most problems may be simple operator errors, hardware compatibility errors or such. The OEMs have some blame here in trying to play catch up with current driver availability too. In time (sooner rather than later) things will calm down. The PC, more than a connecting device to social... and games. You actually should learn what is in front of you at this moment. ISS anyone.
    Because they are better, faster, more stable OSes, without the blocks, lockouts, lack of choice, forced updates, bland looks, and spyware.

    And that's more than enough reason.

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  6.    23 Nov 2015 #1395

    I've seen hints on the Microsoft Community Network that if you have recently done the free upgrade to 10240, you won't see the upgrade to 10586 in Windows update until after the 30 day rollback time limit is past. Totally unconfirmed so just food for thought at this point. If true it would explain why its not showing up in Windows update for some people.
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       23 Nov 2015 #1396

    It makes sense that the upgrade to 10586 is not available if you have just recently done the upgrade from 7/8/8.1 - it would write over the back-up files necessary for the roll back, which is still part of their way of luring the uncertain... I expect after July, when there is no more free upgrade, this might change...

    CountMike said: View Post
    Why wouldn't it be worth, if nothing it's safer that way since you already have ISO.
    Well, I mean, it takes hours. Hours and hours. As of now, other than giving a new Cortana icon and turning One Drive back on, it doesn't seem to have changed any of my settings, but I haven't played around with the machine yet to see, that is kind of my biggest concern. Also just the other idea of another install on top of another install... If the update is done through Windows update I imagine the update mechanism on the PC itself is different, I would assume, whereas using the ISO is like installing a new OS on top of the pre-existing one. Granted I never did a clean install on this set up, so maybe that is in the works in the future anyway, but how many times can I install a new OS on top of another without too much getting clogged up somewhere? This machine is already twice, from 8 to 8.1 to 10...

    With that concern in mind, I guess I havent seen anyone articulate the changes/benefits of the upgrade in a convincing manner, other than "eventually you will be getting it, anyway." which would suggest doing a full install on top of my existing OS is better than letting update install it in the background (unless, of course, I am wrong, and the WU install method is the same as the ISO install method, in terms of *how* it modifies and upgrades your system).
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       23 Nov 2015 #1397

    I don't believe/agree with the "hints", based on my experience.

    I know for me it did show up in WU, and the update failed after a LONG download/update time.
    This OS was a clean install of W10-64 using my W7-32 license, using this tutorial by Brink:
    Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums

    Going forward, i'll try to be more patient and WAIT till WU offers/re-offers a "version upgrade".

    If i can't get "version upgrades" to work in WU, i'll refer others asking me for help to TF, Best-Buy, MS, etc.

    I can understand MS wants to fix the update process, but that testing should be done with BETA or Insider users.
    The W10 OS I'm now using is a RTM version, not an Insider/BETA version.
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       23 Nov 2015 #1398

    Should you even use November 1511 update at all since it possibly have some issue? I am not using windows 10 November update until I get more of the reason why it was really pulled. I have an image backup with the windows 10 November update . Right now I am using windows 7 & Linux system dual booting.

    Ed Botts weekly wrap up | Zdnet

    I'm told that the real reason is "complicated." Maybe we'll get some real answers next week.

    Also, if all future updates/upgrades are only going to be via windows updates, I may not use windows 10 at all.

    Think about this, you sell your windows 10 computer to a friend in the year 2020. Your friend wants to do a clean install. He would have to download several 3 to 4 gb for every upgrade or even some updates. I don't know how much that would be, but it would be a lot of data to download This may also apply if you buy a computer at a retail store that just has build 10240 on it.
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  10.    23 Nov 2015 #1399

    The more I hear and read about this TH2 problem, the more I'm thinking it's definitely not something minor. If somebody in-the-know at Microsoft is saying the real reason is "complicated," that likely indicates there's going to be no easy fix.
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