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I've actually gone back to using IE over Edge. Simple extension support isn't there, tabbed previews in the taskbar kind of kill the experience for me, and also IE has less window chrome than Edge. It's kind of disappointing to say the least. Edge was supposed to be the saving grace of Microsoft's browser front and all they've done is delay needed features, lacks certain advanced features, and just overall has been buggy to use.
Since the November upgrade Edge was good before now even better.
We all use it in our house both for business and pleasure, also Cortana works well with it .
I don't have Chrome or IE11 on any of our laptops or tablets in our house.
All 6 systems run fast and good,

What sort of buggyness are you getting
Don't forget also Edge is not even 6 months old yet were as IE and Chrome and FF have been around for years.