Windows 10: PC Support Reps Tell Users to Uninstall Windows 10

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    Windows 10
       08 Nov 2015 #80

    sygnus21 said: View Post
    I'm sorry, perhaps I'm missing something here as I thought this was a tech forum, where we did try the new... thus one of the main purposes of a tech forum. Did I miss that?

    It just amazes me to hear so many people say they won't try this or that, but are yet here on a tech forum... bashing those that do

    Just an observation ​[/QUOTE]
    Not a bad observation but the title of this thread is what people are discussing , not everybody is Pro Win 10 and it seems most insist that it should be .

    I should of said my post is just my opinion which it is but i certainly did not say anything new as someone else commented about losing more control and i think they have a good point .

    That being said , imo this is not a "tech" specific forum , this is a Win 10 help forum that is about helping people who have questions and or problems with Win 10 .

    Tech forums are forums like AnandTech , The Tech report etc... where all they do is review technology and do reviews of technology .
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       08 Nov 2015 #81

    Gas said: View Post
    Hi all,
    This is an intriguing question and asking to myself why do I like/want upgrade my OS' the answer to me is: an OS is like a car, after few years it become older noisy and worn, don't you get bored driving the same old car?
    New models are shining, with better optionals, are almost noiseless, they are more environment friendly not to mention the new factory made smell.
    I've never had that feeling with a car. I tend to drive them until they die. Better gas mileage? Yes. Better "optionals? Never. New factory made smell??? Why would anybody want that? I've never wanted a car (or OS) to be a source of excitement so boredom isn't an issue.

    However, new capabilities can be important. For instance, Windows 7 cannot take a system image backup to a device larger that 2.2TB (unless the device emulates multiple smaller drives); it cannot use devices with 4k segment size for that function. That means I have to use a 3rd party product to do that. (Luckily I have Acronis True Image.) I've heard (but haven't confirmed) that Win 10 supports devices with 4k segment size for system image backups.

    As time goes on there will be more situations like that - new hardware that the old OS can't support. I can (and will) live without glitz features like Cortana, but there is likely to be new external hardware I need.
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  3. Dude's Avatar
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       08 Nov 2015 #82

    I always believe in getting a second opinion. This whole thread is strange, of course they say roll back. They don't know any better.
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  4.    08 Nov 2015 #83

    Dude said: View Post
    I always believe in getting a second opinion. This whole thread is strange, of course they say roll back. They don't know any better.
    It's always good to have a local shop to take your computer to. In my case I have a great one I got my base PC from.
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    I think that often with laptop makers, the ones you just buy from the shelf is that the support system when you call only recognises the OS it was shipped with and only offers guided solutions to that O.S.

    When you upgrade to windows 10 you cannot rely on the manufacture to offer you tech support, unless its specifically a hardware issue, they may not simply have that information available to them from the auto diagnostic screen that is provided to them when they key in the model/serial number in.

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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393)
       08 Nov 2015 #85

    I am trying to figure out who they talked to, I didn't read the full article just skimmed it a bit, but both Dell and HP are recommending the upgrade and both have worked hard at having drivers ready on Day 1.
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       09 Nov 2015 #86

    I have no idea what the deal is with Dell and HP and imo the tech for those companies and all companies need to know about troubleshooting Win 10 and shame on them if they don't.

    Now for users who want the new features that Win 10 provides then your in good shape , lots of people like having all that stuff . It's also nice to have a current OS that all the tech magazines have articles on and show tricks and shortcuts for .

    MS however, should realize that probably just as many users like what they currently like and may have even upgraded just to try Win 10 and decided to stay with what they have. I sampled Win 10 for 6 weeks , it ran well with minor bugs here and there .

    Went back to 7 because i know (for me) Win 10 didn't have anything or offer anything that i wanted .

    People should be allowed to choose without worrying about MS continually reminding them to upgrade now and in the future , after they choose step back and acknowledge what they said and go away .

    Don't run up to them and tap them on the shoulder saying " just wanted to remind you that Win 10 is free and you can upgrade just in case you haven't heard " i can say with certainty that "yeah" i did hear something along those lines.
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393)
       09 Nov 2015 #87

    I just don't like how MS invalidates your key after so many days after upgrade of your old OS, making it after I believe 60-90 days you can no longer downgrade to the old OS, since that key is no longer valid.
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    tlarseth said: View Post
    I just don't like how MS invalidates your key after so many days after upgrade of your old OS, making it after I believe 60-90 days you can no longer downgrade to the old OS, since that key is no longer valid.
    Where does it say they invalidate your windows 7/8/8.1 key ?
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    when windows 2000 and windows xp came out. compaq tech support told me that they can only provide support for what was installed on the system from the factory. which at the time was windows 98.

    while they do provide device drivers for printer and such. they dont always release drivers for laptop and desktop system. and tech support cant do anything about it. and have to deal with customers that tried upgrading to machine that didnt come with windows 10 support. even though they did release windows 10 drivers. but unless they do a clean install the drivers and software might not work correctly even after uninstalling, reinstalling.

    when windows 10 released in august, I had to fix 4 hp laptops that had issues with windows 10 own built in software not working after they upgraded. and the customers would have not idea about the fixes that was needed to get the software working. because some the fixes required shell commands to fix it.

    I tried walking people through the steps required to fix problems on windows 10, but I ended up having to go in my self and fix it.

    and now after this patch Tuesday update, im going to have a busy week.
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