Windows 10: PC Support Reps Tell Users to Uninstall Windows 10

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       08 Nov 2015 #70

    I will stay with Edge Browser and Cortana and watch them both develop knowing I for one stayed with them from the moment I upgraded my system
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    This is not at all surprising because these "support techs" are talking about laptops, exclusively. When an OEM sells you a laptop he will support the operating system it ships with and pretty much nothing else at all. Laptops are usually designed with custom components by the OEM (HP, Dell, etc.) and it is the OEM--not Microsoft--who is responsible for the hardware drivers for those components that will allow the laptop to run the OS it ships with (The device drivers Microsoft ships with Windows are furnished by the device manufacturers.) Laptop OEMs are not at all interested in hiring people to write drivers for an OS a laptop model did not ship with, and they don't want to pay tech-support people to assist customers who decide to replace the native OS with something else. No, what laptop OEMs want is for their customers to buy a new laptop with Windows 10 pre-installed by them--then they'll be more than happy to help you out--cheerful about it, even....

    Basically, if you own a laptop don't expect your OEM to help you upgrade it to Windows 10. Those of them that are willing to help you upgrade certain of their laptop models to Windows 10 will tell you which models they'll help you with (a small number of them, usually) and they will actually have Windows 10 device drivers for those laptop models posted on their sites. But the general rule with laptops is that OEMs will discourage their customers from upgrading their laptops to any OS that laptop did not ship with--because they don't feel obligated to support any OS other than the one they originally shipped.

    If that isn't your cup of tea then don't buy a laptop. Instead, buy a desktop--because in a desktop, especially one you assemble yourself from hand-picked components--you can do anything you want, pretty much. Unlike in laptops, the industry-standard drivers posted on the sites of the device manufacturers (nVidia, AMD, Intel, etc.) will work fine in a desktop. And it will be comparatively easy to upgrade a desktop to Windows 10 because no custom drivers from Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc., are required.

    Many people unfortunately assume that laptops are just like desktops, only smaller & portable. Not true in the's in the "smaller & portable" nature of laptops that all of the "custom" problems relative to changing OSes accrue. Laptops are the last thing you should buy if you envision upgrading your hardware and OS software in the future--they simply aren't made for that. That's where an industry-standard desktop shines, however. If being portable isn't something you absolutely must have, then be kind to yourself and buy an industry-standard desktop. There simple isn't a better value going in terms of personal computers, imo. I only use laptops when a job requires it.

    Even if you don't know much of anything about picking and choosing desktop components, there are sites that can help a novice greatly.
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  3.    08 Nov 2015 #72

    I never upgraded any of my previous work computers, although they were all desktops. I have always bought a new computer with the new OS every 3 years or so, did a 'Windows Easy Transfer' (of data), started to use the new computer right away, but kept the old computer in working shape for at least a couple of months as a precautionary measure. I never needed to take advantage of the precautionary measure, but it gave me peace of mind.

    The reason I am considering to upgrade my present work computer is that Microsoft is going to SaaS (Software as a Service) for Windows 10. That means that I will be current OS-wise until the hardware stops working, which will be much, much longer than a mere 3 years.
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    markbyrn said: View Post
    Some people like to have the latest features or simply be on the latest possible OS/firmware for their particular hardware. However let's not forget that Microsoft is practically ramming the Win 10 upgrade down people's throats.
    Yeah , some people also like to upgrade their smart phones every time a new model comes out just because it's new, is it really worthwhile and does the new one offer so much more , not in my opinion.

    If your happy with Win 10 thats great but it still doesn't allow the customization and control you had with 7 but that seems normal , every new OS you lose more of your ability to set it up like you want.

    My biggest gripe isn't with all the privacy issues or even the forceful tactics MS is using to get people to upgrade .

    My biggest disappointment is not being able to easily remove a lot of the stuff i know i will never use , it's way too troublesome to get rid of a lot of the stuff and you should not need "powershell" to do it .

    MS knows the average computer user will never attempt to use "powershell" even with tutorials available on how to do it.
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    if I know there is something I will never use I just leave it alone.
    A part from disabling IE11 which I hated I have not disabled or uninstalled any thing else
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  6.    08 Nov 2015 #75

    I'm sorry, perhaps I'm missing something here as I thought this was a tech forum, where we did try the new... thus one of the main purposes of a tech forum. Did I miss that?

    It just amazes me to hear so many people say they won't try this or that, but are yet here on a tech forum... bashing those that do

    Just an observation
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  7.    08 Nov 2015 #76

    Hi there

    These "So called experts" are almost as bad as the Stock exchange Scammers with the footballers investment.

    Up to 100 footballers lose £30m after investment scheme collapses | Daily Mail Online

    There's basically nothing wrong with W10 -- some corporate high end software such as SAP might need to keep running on W7 but for most people W10 is a worthwhile upgrade.

    Ignore the "So called experts" --you are better off following your are own intuition.

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       08 Nov 2015 #77

    That is why myself and others have upgraded by following our intuition do I regret it
    Not one bit because since upgade my laptop has run better.
    and a hell of a lot faster and smoother
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    Whining & Complaining

    It seems that whining & complaining have been around since man stood upon two legs so I don't believe it will go away any time soon. I admit that I have skipped a few versions of windows, like Vista since giving up DOS. Oops, sorry I really haven't given it up yet, still running it in a virtual environment. I have always liked growing and I think Windows 10 gives me the chance just as many other software packages do. What's not to like, bugs , sure but with the millions of lines of code that go into programs these days it's to be expected, especially considering the number of different machines old and new that run the same programs. I'm running Window 10 on an old Sony 32 Bit laptop as an Insider, It has no sound, no driver but if it will run on it, it will run on my other machines. If some people had experienced the problems with running software in early 80s and saving files sequentially on a tape they might not complain so much.
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    waltc said: View Post
    This is not at all surprising because these "support techs" are talking about laptops, exclusively.
    Still, their advice isn't necessarily good for even a laptop. I have an older Toshiba (A355-S6925) that came with 64-bit Vista installed. I subsequently updated to Windows 7 and installed appropriate drivers available from Toshiba. When Windows 10 came along, Toshiba was past providing updated drivers for such an old laptop. But I upgraded it to 10 anyway without so much as a hiccup. The installation updated drivers as needed. A later switch from HDD to SSD sped things up considerably. Everything is running like a charm now. Not a single problem. :)
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