Windows 10: PC Support Reps Tell Users to Uninstall Windows 10

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    My daughter & son-in-law who runs a fleet of shops has also upgraded to windows 10 with no hassle at all
    They live 80 miles from me and I helped the via e-mail what to do and all 10 computers in their shops upgraded and so did the one in their home.
    They let me do it first once I found all ok they then went ahead and upgraded they also told me no way would they ever go back to windows 7 or 8.1
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    FrozenCursor said: View Post
    Well, the reason I post and get involved in computer tech is that it has become a sheer necessity nowadays to prevent issues in the first place.

    I have a nice experiment for you: let your granddaughters persuade local businesses in town to upgrade for free to the latest and greatest Windows 10 :) Microsoft will thank you :)

    On a more serious note, if a new OS could impact your revenues, things are not that simple.
    How is 10 impacting MS's revenue??
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    I remember when 'customer support' got renamed 'customer care'. I read a very good article that was written by a lawyer who worked for over 20 years in customer relations and revealed that customer reps are trained in the culture of avoidance. Wish I had have kept a link to the article as he revealed a lot of the dirty tricks they use (though lawful) but he also spoke to length about 'scripted responses' , pre-hire education levels and in-house training programs. Having read that article, I can understand the outcome of the investigation done by Laptop Magazine. There is not much 'love' out there for MS support either.
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    Leopard said: View Post
    There is not much 'love' out there for MS support either.
    There is more love for grandpa's support :)

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    Mark Phelps said: View Post
    Being a frequent visitor and contributor to some OEM support forums, let me provide some perspective that is NOT being presented here ...

    1) Robots reading from scripts, just plain laziness; The few I'm on definitely do NOT present this impression. There are long and detailed threads where the support person is trying one thing after another to help the poster get their machine working. If this is being done by "robots", they are a lot smarter than the rest of us!

    2) Only out to sell new machines: The OEM forums I'm one clearly indicate NO interest in selling new machines. Not once have I seen anything evenly remotely like that. Instead, the interest is in getting the person's "old" machine working well under Win10.

    3) Don't know much about Win10: While this is often true, that makes the OEM forums no different than others. Most of the in-depth knowledge about how Win10 works is centered in forums like this one, and the MS Insider forum -- where folks have been using Win10 daily for months. But some of the OEM forums are building institutional knowledge about Win10 and you can see that in the responses.

    4) Not using Win10 or going back to previous OS: The sad FACT is that while many older machines have upgraded to Win10 OK, many also have not. I have only tried two Win10 upgrades of Win7 machines and both failed -- miserably! An added complication is that some of the OEMs clearly are not interested in providing Win10 drivers for "older" machines, and while this is not a serious problem on some desktops, it CAN be a serious problem on laptops. Folks report stuff like display artifacts, nonworking WiFi, and faulty touchpads -- which (IMHO) renders your laptop pretty much useless. So, of course, if the choice is between running a new OS where the hardware has serious problems vs. running a prior OS where it worked perfectly, the best choice is the second --if what you want is a machine that works, not just Win10 "bragging rights".

    As to comparing upgrading an older machine to Win10 like buying a new car with new features -- that's ridiculous! A more apt analogy would be upgrading an old car by adding new features. But what if those new features were unreliable: a new transmission that gets stuck in gears, new windshield wipers that fail in the rain, new headlights that suddenly go out in the dark! Wouldn't an older car where everything worked be superior to an upgraded one where the things fail?

    Not everyone has had a "stellar" experience upgrading their older machines to Win10 -- and some just want to get their machine working well, again.
    Then you are saying that big brands companies did not work as they should, W10 has been out to be tested for over one year and so called "big Brands" have not been able to tweak the OS or report or cooperate with MS to tailor W10 for theire machines'
    Tell me please what is the "after sell" service for?
    Do we pay for that too?
    And talking about the comparison with the "new car" you should read more carefully, and yes a new OS is most of the times optimized for a less environment impact that means: less power required, less heat produced = more reliability and better user experience even with old machines.
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    unifex said: View Post
    I never understood the logic of upgrading the OS on an existing PC. Why even bother? Don't you have anything better to do?
    Some people like to have the latest features or simply be on the latest possible OS/firmware for their particular hardware. However let's not forget that Microsoft is practically ramming the Win 10 upgrade down people's throats.
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    markbyrn said: View Post
    However let's not forget that Microsoft is practically ramming the Win 10 upgrade down people's throats.
    I'm not nearly as concerned about that as about what their plans might be after nearly everybody has 10. Microsoft doesn't have a history of doing things that decrease their income and I don't think 10 will turn out to be an exception.
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    larc919 said: View Post
    I'm not nearly as concerned about that as about what their plans might be after nearly everybody has 10. .
    They will create a botnet with all one billion Windows 10 PC's, causing Cortana to achieve Ultra AI staus, and she will rename herself Skynet. Money is nothing, knowledge(over the user) is real power.Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a little off topic.
    It doesn't really matter what operating system you use, you are still going to have issues. I upgraded xubuntu 15.04 to xubuntu 15.10 lost my software & created a screen resolution bug. I tried a few other wily werewolfs & added the xfce4 desktop still the same issue. So, now I am back to Lubuntu 14.04.3 lts and I added XFCE4 desktop and I was able to keep my software & no screen resolution bug. Just for the recorded Linux mint 17.2 rafaela xfce also works. It will be interesting to see if Linux mint 17.3 xfce rosa will have the same issues as xubuntu 15.10.
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    Its called wow factor. Everyone wants to try the best but then after a while it isn't that great anymore and people will turn away. I for one am one that will stick with it.
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