Denmark users seem to love Windows 10, stats show

Windows 10 adoption has slowed down worldwide, according to third-party market share stats, but there are a few countries where the new operating system performs impressively well.

Scandinavian markets have always been among the first to adopt new software, and in Windows 10ís case, they make no exception to this rule, so if we look at OS share stats in Denmark, for instance, this thing becomes obvious.

Global market share stats for Windows 10 put the new operating system on the fifth position after Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, and Mac OS X, but StatCounter claims that, in this country, things are completely different.

Not only did Windows 10 manage to overtake Mac OS X, but it also surpassed both Windows XP and Windows 8.1, which means itís now the second most-used desktop OS in the country and ready to hunt down Windows 7.
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