A funny cat video, a stunning picture, or an inspiring article… you can always find some interesting content online. Halfway through the content, you’ve also already come up with a list of friends, family members or coworkers to share the content with. Moreover, you often want to start chatting about the shared content immediately – adding additional comments or discussing a specific angle. You do it every day. We all do it every day. Today we’re excited to introduce the share button, which makes sharing to Skype even easier and lets you engage in richer conversations about the content immediately.

We’re very happy to partner with MSN.com to kick off and launch the share button worldwide. In India, we’re also partnering with sify.com, so head over to either site to see the share button in action today.

When you see something you’d like to share, simply click on the share button to begin. A window will come up on the page and all you need to do is sign in, pick one or more Skype friends you would like to share with, and click Send. You’ll also have the option to add a message to be sent along with the link to start the conversation.

For our developer friends with blogs and websites, you can also easily add the Skype share button to your site. Simply head over to skype.com to learn more and generate a code snippet today. There are multiple button layouts available and the sharing experience works great for both desktop and mobile sites. So get started and add the button to your site today!

We are always working hard on making your Skype experience better, more integrated, and more easily accessible from more places, so stay tuned for more to come.

Source: Introducing share button - Sharing that sparks richer conversations - Skype Blogs