Windows 10: MS Downgrades free Onedrive storage, ends unlimited for Office 365 Office

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       03 Nov 2015 #50

    yep, didnt realize it

    the whole deal stinks, and causes MS to lose any credibility/respect they might have regained in the last year or wonder so many people dislike/distrust them
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    For misc reasons I am Office 365 Home user and 1 TB is enough for me, seeing as I am at <60 GB with whole my photo archive. Still, this change for free users will be highly contraproductive. Bad move, MS!
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    The worst part about this is competing services like Icloud 50gb /yr = $11.88 ( $0.99 cents /month ) Vs. New OneDrive 50gb / year = $23.88 a year ($1.99/month) . For users like me who only use it for backups of important files I have stored on External HDD in case of a failure, why would I choose a service that costs 50% more than it's competitors ? The end of the day for me it's about letting files sit in one place and not the clouds functionality (Space / price > Functionality / Integration)

    If you want to jump ship to a new cloud service and don't want to re-upload all your files, or deal with the hassle of it. Check out MultCloud, it allows you to connect multiple cloud drives and copy, move, and manage between them all. It allows up to 2tb of file moving for free ( will take a while at 512kb/s for free users ). It does however run through their servers so you can start it and leave it without needing to be on their website at all once it's started!
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    Isn't this the way how they get people hooked on drugs?
    Here... it's for free... and then when you can't live without it... $$$$.
    I didn't know legitimate companies still used this as well.

    But without kidding, I think it's a stupid move from M$. I can understand that they do this for people who thought Unlimited really meant Unlimited. Although, I can't understand how you can get 75TB uploaded on the cloud, especially when you know that you need to download 75TB again when you get a new computer or need to do a clean install.

    It already takes a lot of time to download 7GB because their downloadspeed is so slow. (Or, at least, it is for me, even when I have a 200Mb/s connection. M$ OneDrive speed is much lower. Probably also because it are a lot of small files.)

    However, it will mean that I have to transfer something to another service, because I keep the code of the websites I make on OneDrive, so I can work on them on any of my systems. (They use up about 6GB of what I have on OneDrive.)

    Luckily, there are plenty of cloud services out there that give 15 to 20 GB for free to users, and they probably will see an increase in new users the moment M$ implements their new cloud policy.
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       04 Nov 2015 #55

    Rudy Mas said: View Post
    Luckily, there are plenty of cloud services out there that give 15 to 20 GB for free to users, and they probably will see an increase in new users the moment M$ implements their new cloud policy.
    The problem for me is how can you charge 50% more than your competitors ? I don't need office sub, I need a place to store important files as back-ups. Why would I stay with Microsoft $23.88 plan when I can use Icloud for $11.88 for the same 50gb ? Plus the price Microsoft wants for 50gb is the same price for a 100gb on google drive. You either are paying 50% more for the same service as Icloud offers or the same price for 100gb on Google Drive! None of it makes any sense even the tiers for pricing, this is a ploy to get people to sub for office that they don't necessarily even wan't / need!
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    Interestingly, when MS reduced free SkyDrive storage from 25GB to 7GB in 2012 the argument was 99.94% of people used less than 7GB. The free storage was enough for 6000 photos and that was surely enough. Making personal cloud storage for Windows available anywhere, with the new SkyDrive - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
    Now when they reduce free OneDrive storage from 30GB to 5GB the argument is some people (using 75TB) are using 14000x the average. Assuming this is true the average user is using 75TB/14k = 5.5GB so the free offer is less than the average use. But now the free storage is sufficient for 1,600 photos and they can focus on "high value productivity"

    It would be more convincing without the justifications - just this is the deal, take it or leave it - but whoever wrote the 2012 justification did a far better job than whoever wrote the 2015 one.
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       04 Nov 2015 #57

    halasz said: View Post
    It would be more convincing without the justifications - just this is the deal, take it or leave it - but whoever wrote the 2012 justification did a far better job than whoever wrote the 2015 one.
    It doesn't make any sense though, they integrate all their apps to use OneDrive (5gb storage is as ridiculous as 25mb email limit)! All this does on the free end for users is get them to not want to use Microsoft Services using OneDrive integration. Many free users will suddenly have a storage drive over filled and will be pissed to have to by a 50gb plan when they use less than 10 for photos! People like me migrating to new services that offer cheaper plans than Microsoft have lost all trust in storing our files in their services. I love OneDrive but not enough to pay 50% more than Google Drive or iCloud. I definitely will never return to OneDrive after this, the time I have to waste migrating my files to a new drive because of Microsoft will stain OneDrive in my memory forever now (even if they reverse their decision)! Not to mention how does this push their Android app when Google Photos can do all this without deducting from the 2/3 more space you have now ? This kills OneDrive's purpose completely on Android for most users!
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    Microsoft Reduces Free OneDrive Storage, Users Fight Back: We’re Done

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cloud Cat.png 
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Size:	138.5 KB 
ID:	46268

    Users very disappointed with Microsoft’s OneDrive changes

    Microsoft has decided to cut down the amount of free storage offered to OneDrive users from 15 GB to just 5 GB, and just as expected, nobody is happy with such a change. At least, not after Microsoft claimed it wanted to make OneDrive the best cloud-based storage service out there.

    So posts on UserVoice not only criticized Microsoft for taking a U-turn in OneDrive’s case but also show what disappointed users are willing to do when the company that’s providing them with a free service makes a wrong move.

    Many of those who posted on UserVoice say they are very close to giving up on everything Microsoft, and stop using not only OneDrive but also products such as Windows and Office. And what’s worse, some are IT admins and decision makers in large companies (or so they claim), so the impact might be a little bit unexpected this time.

    Read more:


    Users Want Microsoft to Give Back More Free OneDrive Storage After the Company’s Broken Promise

    More than 12,000 votes in just 24 hours for this request

    Microsoft has recently announced that it’s decreasing the amount of free storage offered to unpaying OneDrive customers, and this decision seems to have caused a new wave of criticism aimed at the Redmond-based software company.

    The disappointment right now is huge after Microsoft announced one year ago with much fanfare that it was working to make OneDrive the number one cloud-based storage service on the market, not only boosting the free space for users to 15 GB (with more available, should they decide to configure camera rolls to automatically upload photos to OneDrive) but also offering unlimited storage to Office 365 customers.

    Redmond is now going into reverse and is actually cutting down the free storage offered on OneDrive, and users will have to download all their files and move somewhere else or simply purchase additional space on Microsoft’s service.
    Read more:
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    Sorry but I can only say this: Idiots! I'm off looking for another cloud provider. MS can keep their lousy 5 GB.
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