Windows 10: Internet Explorer Still the Number One Browser in the World

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  1.    02 Nov 2015 #10

    IE is still number one for me

    I will switch over to Edge at some point in the future, but not quite yet
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  2.    02 Nov 2015 #11

    I've never been a fan of IE(any version). I much prefer FF and/or Chrome.
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  3. Cliff S's Avatar
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       02 Nov 2015 #12

    billy268 said: View Post
    To each his own.
    I have been using IE since Vista days. I am used to it, comfortable with and I'll stay with it.
    Hate Edge, but eventually it will be the only browser in Windows. Nothing I can do about it.
    But for now I am with IE11.
    I guess you and I are the sites 8.83%
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  4. JohnBurns's Avatar
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       02 Nov 2015 #13

    Cluster Head said: View Post
    lol! Good one, CH!
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  5.    02 Nov 2015 #14

    You can not uninstall IE. It is integrated into the OS. Edge is integrated into W10 - so herefore 120 million users love EDGE ??? Of course not. The stats mean nothing. I have 3 browsers installed and I use all 3. There are some websites that were written to IE, so I am forced to use IE, if I want it work properly. If I was asked 'do you use IE' , I respond YES. Now if they asked me 'what is your default browser', I respond Chrome. When the stats were gathered, what was the question?
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  6. hTconeM9user's Avatar
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       02 Nov 2015 #15

    Read Brinks Tutorial about disabling IE11
    I have uninstalled it and don't have it at all on my laptop
    I use Edge all the time
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  7. davidhk's Avatar
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       02 Nov 2015 #16

    Someone once said " statistic is for the losers".
    Might be a bit harsh. But it definitely can be maneuvered to satisfy an ulterior motive. Such as a marketing ploy.
    Bottom line. Who cares which is most popular, most used, most technically advanced?
    Who cares what others use, for that matter ?
    Only thing that matters is which one you like to use.

    When Windows 7 was the most current Windows operating system, Europeans purchasing Windows 7 computers would NOT have browser included due to the lawsuit. As the result users would have to install IE and therefore they could also uninstall IE.
    For the rest of the world, IE is part of the operating system and it can only be DISABLED. Not uninstalled. It can NEVER be uninstalled.
    Brink's tutorial does not show how to uninstall IE 11, it shows how to disable.
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  8. hTconeM9user's Avatar
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       02 Nov 2015 #17

    Yes but when it disables it removes it from windows untick it and see what happens it uninstalls it and you have to restart your computer.
    To put it back in you have to do the reverse
    So if it comes out then it is uninstalled
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  9. davidhk's Avatar
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       02 Nov 2015 #18

    hTconeM9user said: View Post
    To put it back in you have to do the reverse
    So if it comes out then it is uninstalled
    NO. That is NOT uninstall. That is disabled.
    If you can bring it back by "doing the reverse", that is disabled.

    If you uninstall CCleaner, can you just put a tick on some thing or " do the reverse" and it comes back instantly ?
    Of course not. You have to go to the website and reinstall CCleaner.
    THAT is uninstall.
    Get the terminology right.

    Why don't you ask Brink. Let him tell you what is uninstall and what is disable.
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  10. spapakons's Avatar
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       02 Nov 2015 #19

    Even though in Europe there was a Windows version without IE, most here in Greece were buying the standard version with IE included, regardless if they would later install Firefox or Chrome. It is not only a browser! It is part of Windows and without it you would be missing features. Not really desirable. Nobody forces anyone using IE. Let it be available when some site doesn't work properly in other browsers. Why disable it? Just don't use it.
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