Windows 10: Windows 10 "Threshold 2" won't be ready on Nov 2nd.

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       31 Oct 2015 #110

    Don't really care when the "big update" is released, I'm not holding my breath waiting for it. I'm running the latest build on several of my machines and don't see any earth shattering improvements or bug fixes in it.
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       31 Oct 2015 #111

    heyyahblah said: View Post
    Hey all,

    Wow! Logging in today and having a read through all the pages on this thread I started here .... I hope everyone realizes that I never meant to start any type of flame war, with anyone. I was just surfing and reading different pages and articles on the net, and was curious (as everyone else) to hear a MS SR1 update to W10 RTM and stumbled across that particular WinBeta article. I just wanted to post it up here on 10 Forums for debate, and see if it has any credibility, discuss it among members in the community and so forth.

    I hope you all know I didn't post this to stir up any pots or anything like that. I was just posting a "source" article via forum rules. I never mentioned it was real or fake. It was just a post I took and posted via Brink's rules of not to plagiarize. Not sure what happened to Gary but I hope that doesn't mean I'm gonna get the cold shoulder as well for making this thread? That was never my intention.

    Well, wishing everyone a Happy Halloween to those that celebrate.
    Nah, I ain't agonna give ya da cold shoulder. :) You did nothing wrong.
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  3. hTconeM9user's Avatar
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       31 Oct 2015 #112

    Gary said: View Post
    The OP was not backed up on a fact from MS. The claims I made were not wild. When a company says a Update will be released on a certain date, they should either have not made the commitment or live by it. The posts I made were my opinion and I am entitled to it. I am not entitled to being flamed by yourself and others.:)
    I worked on a building site for over 30 years and not once did any of the jobs finish on time.
    Why because we made sure anything was ok before we handed it over to the client.,
    What do you get now a rush job so they can move the people in before they have even finished and wonder why things go wrong.
    I would rather they get this release right before they let it out to us the public,
    Even if not released till whenever,
    I always thought it was end of November that the big upgrade was coming

    Seems like there is no pleasing some forum members.
    I go on another forum or two where all some members do is slag Microsoft off.
    Myself I am most happy with what they are doing
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  4. JohnC's Avatar
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       31 Oct 2015 #113

    FWIW on July 15th we got build 10240 as insiders, and the RTM was dropped on the 29th. The title to this download is TH2 release and the version is still 1511 same as the last build. So it seems like the update is still meant for November release. Download Tuesday isn't all that bad for a guess, about two weeks after this release to the insiders.
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  5. hTconeM9user's Avatar
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       31 Oct 2015 #114

    Wynona said: View Post
    Good point. The question is when. The answer is: When it's ready. :)
    Exactly when it is ready not before.
    Otherwise there could be more, of this is not right, that is not right.
    Mind you can never please everyone
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  6.    31 Oct 2015 #115

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  7.    31 Oct 2015 #116

    Will it roll out on the same patch Tuesday next week? Kinda overload the server.
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  8. Wynona's Avatar
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       31 Oct 2015 #117

    jtjt00 said: View Post
    Will it roll out on the same patch Tuesday next week? Kinda overload the server.
    Probably not, but who knows.
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  9.    31 Oct 2015 #118

    Cliff S said: View Post
    What about the Star & Enquirer?
    Attachment 45683
    You know...sometimes the Internet is worse...! "Consider source," as Confucius say. Of course, Confucius also say, "Woman who fly in airplane upside down have..." er, never mind!...
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  10.    31 Oct 2015 #119

    Wynona said: View Post

    I don't see a retraction here. I only see that he's been told Th 2 won't be launching on November 2.
    But notice the title of the article... (11/2) The "update" retracts the statement in the title, eh?

    If he knows what he's talking about, and he's cutting it pretty close, Build 10576 should be the final build we test before Microsoft rolls out the update to 10240. And since we've only had Build 10576 a couple or three days, it makes me wonder if "next week" is a realistic guess.
    That was what I was trying to get across to the fellow who thought 11/2 was something Microsoft had officially announced--that the guy writing the article was coming off authoritatively and yet had no clue--he was running on sheer gossip. Give away is no attribution in the article of company sources @ Microsoft who had ever said it would ship on 11/2. The Internet without supporting attribution is like the old saw about 100 people in a room--describe a mouse to the first person and tell him to pass it on, and by the time the last person repeats it he's describing an elephant--a flying elephant, no less--and the original story is lost.

    In my generation growing up I was told not to believe everything I read in the newspaper or magazines. Great advice, but it took me awhile to appreciate just what good advice it was. Today, they've got the same problem--only it's the Internet instead of newspapers and magazines. If anything, that can be much worse, imo. I feel fortunate to have the grounding I have--younger folks today are pretty much defenseless, at least until they learn through experience how to separate the wheat from the chaff.
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