Microsoft to force Windows 10 on users with automatic updates from 201

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    Trust_No1 said:
    I agree with you all the way..

    I am curious, the article said you could turn off notifications for Windows 10 on Windows 7 and 8, but didn't really say how. OR do they mean you can just turn turn off updates, which really isn't the same thing. I also don't understand, you get the notices on Windows 7 and 8.1, but not on Windows 8.0 itself. How did 8 get a reprieve?

    What I really wish is that Windows 10, would just go away. I am not fan at all, 8 grew on me, but 10 has no chance of creeping onto my PC.
    Has anyone found the way to turn off notifications as mentioned in the blog ?
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    HippsieGypsie said:
    Ok? What do you find wrong with Bing?
    I find Bing returns lots of what I call 'frivolous' results, I should have added 'in my opinion' :)
    I find I need to spend more time on Bing finding what I want than on Google, in my opinion whatever search criteria Google uses is in my opinion more accurate.

    Here is an example I typed in (to keep on topic) 'Uninstall Windows 10' into both Bing and Google.
    First Bing, seemed to think i was talking about the preview..
    Microsoft to force Windows 10 on users with automatic updates from 201-bingsearch.jpg
    Now below are the google results in my mind more to the point.
    Microsoft to force Windows 10 on users with automatic updates from 201-googlesearch.jpg

    Everyone will of course use their own search engine of their choice, but for me I prefer Google.
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    Thread Starter

    Good at least that has cleared that up
    As you say everyone has their own choice what search engine they use
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  4. zooburner's Avatar
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    HippsieGypsie said:
    Good question. I don't and won't know since I hid the 2 updates that starts the process to download GWX.exe. Hopefully someone else has that answer.
    I'm hoping it means they wont bug you, or download any further GWX related updates.
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    Bing ?????????????????? Thread title: MS force W10 users auto updates. Back to Mr Popeye for just one moment: This is not Twitter, you get more than 140 characters to respond to a user's post. A forum is different from that platform. A little bit of substance is expected on a forum - state your position, provide a little content, then if you think the poster you are responding to has a point that you would like them to elaborate on - say as much.............. Back to the subject: I am hoping that the install W10 Upgrade KB that will become an Important Update will take into account the user's hardware install base. The GWX campaign had a compatibility utility - that the user got to run - it checked the user's system and determined if the PC met W10 pre-requisites. If this does not happen when WU sends the Upgrade to W10 to W8/7 users , there will be a of of users who will accept the EULA only to find out later on that there are no new drivers for them from the OEM to download. So many of the OEM PCs have drivers that can not be upgraded with an OEM license.
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    Wait, what's wrong with Windows Updates? Is there something I'm missing and updating to latest version & doing updates is wrong? Why are people against it? Someone here even said they're going back to Windows 7 if they'll be forced to update Windows 10, lol. :/
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    kenC said:
    Has anyone found the way to turn off notifications as mentioned in the blog ?
    Hello @kenC, :)

    You would just need to unsubscribe to the thread to stop getting notifications for it.
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    Sorry, Brink, I should have been clearer. I was referring to this blog: Making it Easier to Upgrade to Windows 10 | Windows Experience Blog

    and the fact that it says in there:

    "You can specify that you no longer want to receive notifications of the Windows 10 upgrade through the Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 settings pages. "

    I was wondering if anyone had found it in the settings for 7 or 8.1
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    alphanumeric said:
    Windows 8.0 is not included in the online free offer. You have to upgrade to 8.1 first. As far as upgrading online goes via Windows update. If you boot from an ISO you can likely upgrade to 10 from 8.0, like you can from Windows 7 that doesn't have SP1. But 8.0 doesn't get the GWX app via Windows update. That's my understanding anyway.

    Well yes, that is what I thought I had said. But my question was how or why did 8.0 get left out of the mix? Not that it matters. I have several machines that run 8.0, I was going to upgrade to 8.1, BUT now I am thinking I am better off, just so I don't have to deal with the whole Windows 10 issue.
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    ,7,8.1 10TP 10upgrade,MINT

    I intend to keep two versions of 7 and one 8.1, I already have three 10's and 10576.
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