Windows 10: Microsoft: Windows 10 Users Should Say No to Chrome and Firefox

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  1. Cliff S's Avatar
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       23 Oct 2015 #20

    What I HATE about Edge, is, you go somewhere likeGizmodo or Softpedia, that have a bunch of ads(not bad or iritating ones, but still a lot on the left & right sides) and you get there quickly, but, you can't scroll down(or scrolling is temporatily jerky) until every damn Google ad is loaded. Other browsers, either load in the background and use place holders till they're loaded, allowing you to scroll, or wait to switch until the page is rendered. I would rather look at and move around on the old page a moment longer, then frustratingly try to scroll...
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  2. JohnBurns's Avatar
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       23 Oct 2015 #21

    Until Edge gets add-ons so I can use Robo-form, I'll pass. Not worth having to remember all my passwords.
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  3.    23 Oct 2015 #22

    No thanks, Microsoft. I will not choose your vastly inferior browser over Chrome.
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  4. hTconeM9user's Avatar
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       23 Oct 2015 #23

    To me chrome is s֍֍t tried it twice vowed never to use it again
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  5.    23 Oct 2015 #24

    Chrome rules, extensions make the case:

    my extensions:

    gmail checker
    ad block
    to-do list
    google news/trends
    search for (custom) all
    fvd downloader
    last pass

    until Edge can run every single one of these I will never even look at it!
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  6. Victek's Avatar
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    Windows 10 x64 v1803 Build 17134.1
       23 Oct 2015 #25

    Cluster Head said: View Post
    Note that Microsoft didn't say:

    "Windows 10 Users Should Say No to Chrome and Firefox Because Edge Is Better"

    That (and the rest of the paragraph) is what Softpedia chose to say. The popup simply says:

    "Give Microsoft Edge a shot before you switch defaults...etc.."

    I don't find that offensive, but I don't find it convincing either. The current unique capabilities of the Edge browser are not nearly as important as extension/plugin support so we can use password managers and add many other security and usability features. I feel it's unfortunate that they chose to release Edge in such a limited state.
    Last edited by Victek; 24 Oct 2015 at 07:53.
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  7.    23 Oct 2015 #26

    Unbelievable that Microsoft would devote time to composing "begging" letters, instead of focusing on making Edge better. This is 2015. Build a better mousetrap Microsoft, and everyone will know about it in a matter of hours, thanks to communications technology.

    Every day I run into something I need to do online that can't be done with Edge. Today, it was the inability to print a text excerpt from a web page. Had to use Firefox, using the "Print Highlighted Text" option. Every browser can do this, BUT Edge. The list of Edge "cant's" is longer than the list of "can's", and growing larger every day.
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  8.    23 Oct 2015 #27

    I like the look of Edge but it is slower than firefox and it has no add ons. This makes it compleyely unusable for me. Microsoft have announced that they will not be adding extensions until next year now so Edge will be consigned to the dustbin (i.e. nowhere near my start menu) until they make it a real browser.
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  9.    23 Oct 2015 #28

    Let's stay calm folks. Consider that Softpedia is not the best source for information and they tend to have "dramatic" head lines to attract readers. I'd take everything they say/write with a huge grain of salt.

    my 2c..
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  10. Posts : 1
    Windows 10 64 bit
       23 Oct 2015 #29

    i agree
    because edge is so smooth and faster than chrome, firefox, etc.
    well, but that's have some problem, like adblocker, can't save image by drag it to windows explorer, and some web can't be opened by this browser.
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