Microsoft Makes More “Ultimate Laptops” Available, to Ship Them Before Christmas

Buy a Surface Book today, get it in 7 to 8 weeks

Even though the Surface Book was launched last week, the device was already out of stock yesterday, which was more or less living proof that Microsoft’s first laptop ever, the ultimate laptop as the company calls it, experiences great early demand.

Today, the software giant finally made more units available for those who want to pre-order the device, but there’s something that might really make you think twice before doing this.

Some of the models displayed on the Microsoft Store page will ship in 5 to 6 weeks, while others will arrive at your door in 8 weeks, which means that they’ll be there just in time for Christmas.

Certainly, these aren’t really the news you’ve been expecting for given the fact that most people who pre-order a device want to get it as fast as possible, but Microsoft apparently has a really hard time coping with the high demand for the Surface Book, so it needs more weeks to make the ordered units available.

Also available at other retailers

And yet, the Microsoft store is not your only option, so there still is a chance to get a Surface Book later this month. If you move fast, that is.

Microsoft has already confirmed that more retailers and online stores across the United States would sell the Surface Book, so Amazon, for instance, will also start shipping the device later this month.

Obviously, expect demand for the Surface Book to be extremely high at these retailers too, but if you’re lucky, you might actually get your hands on the device without the need for waiting for 8 weeks.

And let’s not forget that once the Surface Book becomes broadly available, it’ll also show up on sites such as eBay where early buyers might attempt to sell them at a higher price, but just as expected, you’ll have to spend more money to get one.