Insiders need to update to RTM or get the latest build

Microsoft has recently rolled out Windows 10 build 10565, but it's no secret that some insiders are still running older versions of the operating system, which isn't quite the purpose of the testing program because Redmond needs feedback on the latest updates.

So every build has an expiration date to make sure that users update their PCs, and for some builds, that expiration date is tomorrow.

As TechRadar notes, both Window 10 build 9826 and 10166 are set to go dark on October 15. After this date, the computer will automatically reboot every three hours, while after another additional two weeks, the operating system will stop booting completely.

Build 10166 is the latest version released by Microsoft before RTM, so if you've already installed the stable tidbits, then you're good to go. At some point in the future, though, Microsoft might also ask users still enrolled in the insider program to update from RTM (build 10240) in order to test the latest versions.

The Windows Insider program continues

Probably the best news for insiders is that, right now, the program launched by Microsoft in October 2014 and providing them with early Windows 10 versions continues, as the company wants to work together with users from all over the world and develop the next updates for the OS.

A major update for Windows 10, for instance, is expected to launch sometime in November, with significant improvements expected, including a new messaging app and support for browser extensions.

What's more, the company has already started working on Redstone, the next version of Windows that is reportedly due in mid-2016, so insiders might once again be the first to try it. For the moment, new PC builds are provided every few weeks and anyone can give them a try as long as they've activated 10240.