Best Computer Cases of 2015  

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    Best Computer Cases of 2015

    Best Computer Cases of 2015

    Posted: 13 Oct 2015
    There was a time when computer cases were seen as nothing more than the housing for your PC. People were happy to boast about their new processor or graphics card, but the humble chassis rarely got a look in. Then things started to get interesting; cases got better, flashier and more functional. They evolved beyond mere protective outer shells and into an integral component that could complement what resided inside.

    Today, the sheer number of cases available can be a bit overwhelming. To help you choose we’ve gathered impressions from our own reviews, those of other top sites and from owners' feedback, explaining what features make them stand above the rest. Here are the highest regarded cases in every category: best overall, Mini-ITX, micro ATX, HTPC, budget and top concept case...

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    Brink's Avatar Posted By: Brink
    13 Oct 2015

  1. Posts : 591
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit; Windows 10 TP; KDE Neon

    I own the Corsair Air 540 for quite some time now and I am fully satisfied from its performance and its looks. :)
    It is the first chassis I ever owned which separates the PSU from all the rest - I love this concept - and the two "thingies" it has on the bottom (do not recall their name now -- too bored to Google), where I plug my SSDs have saved me! The airflow is amazing and my temps have always been very good to excellent. My chassis' compartment temps are always 1-2 Celsius above ambient temperature and in the winter time, without the A/C running, they are equal!

    A couple of flaws that it has:
    - it is not advised to place [two] 140mm fans on the front panel because an airplane turbine noise is created [when spinning above 1300 RPM). No big deal, 3 x120mm as I have them is much better anyway!

    - if one would wish a Push/Pull setup for his/hers AIO he/she would have to place the two extra fans on the exterior top of the chassis (and take their cables from the outside backside).

    It does not have any other flaw.

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  2. Posts : 13
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

    I like my Corsair 760T a lot too. I also liked my Antec 300, but I (being the complete nerd I am) kept taking the side panel off so I could admire the innards from my easy chair where I sit when I am not using the PC. When I saw the whatever it was that described the new 760T, I had to check it out.

    The entire side panel on the 760t is a window! It's polycarbonate, too... not the much more easily broken acrylic. I liked that it opens with a latch and can easily be used with the hinge or removed.

    It also solves one of my real annoyances... fan/radiator mounts on the top panel that have no block offs. While I understand the usefulness of these, I also can imagine drinks spilling into the vent... and with my setup, I have not seen any temperature difference when using the upward-blowing fans than with the top grille blocked. The 760t has a nice-looking top panel that holds in place with magnets, and nicely blocks the top vents if you are not using them.

    It ticks all the other boxes... good cable routing, modular hard drive cages that can be installed away from the front fans so they don't restrict incoming flow, an easy to access, integrated front filter, an easily-accessed filter for the PSU on the bottom of the case, good airflow, nice fit and finish... it was a good choice.

    Corsair's been doing some good stuff lately... I have a lot of their products. I wish their M95 mouse was as durable as the M90 it replaced, but otherwise, I have never had any problems with their products.
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    Win 10 Pro 64bit (1909)

    Best Computer Cases of 2015-arts-pc.jpgAnother fan of the Corsair Air 540. I love that case!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Best Computer Cases of 2015-imag00127.jpg  
    Last edited by azasadny; 19 Oct 2015 at 12:44.
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    Windows 10 Home x64

    Thanks Shawn.. Good information that I can use.

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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit 21H2 (19043.1348)

    I had a look but none of them really grabbed me? In OZ we seem to get more of the ugly cheapies.
    One other thing that hurts buying a case in OZ is the AUSTRALIA tax, even on cases.

    I am still using my old ThermalTake case and I like it.
    Attachment 43628
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  6. Lee
    Posts : 4,793
    OS X, Win 10

    Can't really see buying something fancy that only I would probably find wonderful. . .a plain box works for me, besides with the new imac 5k 27" now setting on my living room desk with (windows 10 insider program in Boot Camp Mode, see no reason for a truly fancy PC Box. . . my 2cents. . .:)
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  7. Posts : 78
    Windows 10 Dev

    Hi Folks

    I'm not sure whether to post onto this thread, or start a new one.

    I'm just in the process of a new build, I've got my components ordered, plus a new chassis to put them in, the Define R5

    I'm wondering if I can create a positive pressure environment, inside the case.

    Included with the case, are two Fractal 140mm fans, one as intake on the front, the other exhausting out the top rear.

    This case, like others around today, is well engineered to fine tolerances, but intentionally has gaps for air getting in the case. However, it seems to have less than most, which is connected to it's silent functionality.

    I have two Noctua NF-P12 120mm fans, and two Akasa Apache 120mm. I'm thinking thing that both types are high static pressure fans.

    Given that, I can use either the 3, or 5 tray, drive caddy.

    If I put the two Noctua's in the front vent, whichever drive bay caddy I use, the Noctua fans will push cold through the drive bays, and into the body of the case.

    As there is only one of the Fractal fans exhausting, and we assume it can move less air out, than is coming from the two Noctua's at the front

    If I then, just leave the Fractal at the back, block the floor at the middle, and the vent beside the card blanks, in the rear panel, then more air will be entering the case than is leaving, especially if the Fractal fan is not that effective.

    Would I then have positive pressure, inside the case, air will be forced through every "hole" left in the case? Thereby keeping everything cool, and dust free. Any dust coming into the case would be repelled by the direction of the airflow.

    I could even mount one of the Apaches, in the middle of the floor, this would increase airflow up to the GPU, and then across the mobo and out.

    I would of course leave all the "moduvents"

    I'd appreciate some input on this. What do people think of my plan?
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit 21H2 (19043.1348)

    I have been wanting a new case since I last posted in here and, the one that has taken my fancy is The Cooler Master 5 series Pro. I will have to save a while for it but it WILL be worth it. :)

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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    I'm still using an Antec 300 Illusion... been a nice case, a little cramped for my motherboard, but it fits and works.
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