Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10565  

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    Windows 10

    Wynona said:
    So, what this means is that I can't use my Retail Windows 7 or 8.1 product key to install Windows 10 if I build a new PC. And yeah, I still have a couple or three Retail copies of Windows 7 Ultimate that aren't tied to any machine.

    Not very convenient for me if I have to first install a legitimate Retail copy of 7 or 8.1 before I can use my key to install Windows 10.
    As far as I can see you can install a Preview and then put in a Previous Win 7 or 8 key to activate, maybe I'm reading it wrong.
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    dual boot W10 10586th2/14291 rs1 Win. Insider since Jan. 2015

    10565 is working reasonably decent here . I updated the UI Apps in the Windows Store > update installed apps function .
    ( they had 11 apps to update today that were not there recently ouside of the mail client that updated again .)

    Everyhing seems to work normally *here* except for a prolonged re start /cold boot and UI mail client instability as usuall here with a new build until it settles down in a day or so and after a few re starts on my admin. and std user account .

    OTOH I expect some of the same persistamt mail client . UI app and Edge instability we've had all along as usuall .

    I noticed a cool significant change we been waiting for at Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > System Properties > HDWE > Device Installation Settings . i.e. Windows Auomatic driver updates and set mine accordingly ☻ :
    Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10565-hwe-setting-new.png

    I'm hoping this gets over to RTM soon. Windows RTM keeps updating the The HP Elitebook touch pad latest OEM driver with one from the device vendor that doesent work so I copied the good one to the desktop so it can be rolled back easily with the pointer stick when that happens .

    Including the HP Elitebook I have another desktop on Win 10 x64 RTM pro along with this dual boot Win 10 RTM pro x64 / Win 10 x64 10565 box and a Win 7 x64 pro workstation ☻
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    win10 10056

    LifeWulf said:
    Yeah, that would be it. Though they both got to the "ready to install" stage around the same time. Updating my desktop first, need my laptop for some programming assignment.

    Sure thing, thanks again!

    EDIT: Uh, so, would this be a good place to mention that the update broke my BOOTMGR on my desktop, or should I start a new thread? How would I go about fixing that? Currently posting from an Ubuntu install on an external USB drive. Accidentally initiated the upgrade on my laptop, though at least that one seems to be progressing smoothly.

    Edit (again): never mind, turns out having the external drive plugged in was what broke the updating process! Derp. Hopefully I'll have one of these machines in working order soon. Laptop was just spazzing out with the loading flickering across the entire screen, but it's back on the "Upgrading Windows" screen (interesting that lappy says "upgrading" while desktop says "updating"). Edit: never mind, desktop rebooted, switched monitors, corrected resolution and now says "Upgrading" as well!
    New builds often, but not always, reset the default OS, and sometimes replace the bootmgr. EasyBCD is a good way to fix it, free.
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    W11+W11 Developer Insider + Linux

    Lee said:
    I tried to heard cats once. . .just once. . .
    I have no problem herding my cats, I just open the fridge and both (now two little ones too) show up as by magic !!!!
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    Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1023

    BillyBob said:
    As far as I can see you can install a Preview and then put in a Previous Win 7 or 8 key to activate, maybe I'm reading it wrong.
    If you install this build of the Windows 10 Insider Preview on a PC and it doesn’t automatically activate, you can enter the product key from Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
    used to activate the prior Windows version on the same device to activate Windows 10 by going to Settings > Update & security > Activation and selecting Change Product Key.

    Here's what I was referring to.
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    W10 Pro + W10 Preview

    Somewhat surprisingly installed, and up and running in 30 minutes.
    Insider preview upgrade installations usually taking 50 minutes.
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    Windows 1.00 to Windows 11 Pro 64-bit Build 22000.194

    I cleaned installed (UEFI) 10565. Took about half an hour and is activated.

    On 10547 I had to use the command line workaround (can't find the link) to activate Office 16. I didn't need to do this for 10565.
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    Windows 10x64 17713

    Upgraded without issue. Good to see they addressed the spacing in the context menus.
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    Windows 10

    Wynona said:
    Here's what I was referring to.
    Yeah not sure how that works, looks like they're sort of turning it into an OEM Version. I suppose it's possible that even if you install Windows 7 on a new machine you built yourself, if you had used that particular key they would know and not activate it. I don't know, it's a bit murky.

    What I mean is, they'd have to activate 7 because it's retail, but might not activate 10 on another machine.
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    W11 pro 64 beta channel

    I downloaded and installed yesterday and cleared out 18.7gb of W old etc. Havn't noticed any changes yet.
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