Windows 10: 'Aero Glass' theme coming soon via simple mod

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    Trust_No1 said:
    I do not understand the anti-Aero sentiments, I see no problem with giving people a choice. Also, Windows 7 had the option to turn everything off, which extended battery life. So I just don't see that as a valid argument.
    Your problem is that you assume your experience, and your skills on everyone. Yes, if everyone were like you, Microsoft could do a lot of things and give you a lot of choices. But they're not. Most people know nothing about computers, and they just use them in the same manner as they get them. This is the vast majority of users. These are the people that clog up support phone lines whenever something goes wrong. These are the people that bring back their computers to the store because the battery life sucks (even though they could have configured it to use less battery power). These are the people that get a million viruses because they click on everything and open every attachment that gets sent to them.

    One of Microsoft's responsibilities is to reduce support costs. Not just for them, but for their OEM's and retailers. That means getting rid of popular things which can cause support issues in some cases.

    Trust_No1 said:
    Oh, and I don't know anyone running windows 8, that doesn't have a third party start menu, different circles of friends I guess. I am curious when you say "Most", has there been a survey posted someplace?

    I'm not talking about my 'circle of friends'. I work in technology, I literally see thousands of computers every year. Both in home and corporate settings. I see what the 99.999% of people who do not post on message boards do.

    Your friends all have start menu replacements because you most likely told them that they should get them. So that is a flawed sample. Your sample has been influenced by your own bias.

    The fact is, most people don't use third party tools like that.. they don't know they exist.
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    Trust_No1 said:
    Again, then why is no one complaining about Windows 7? or Windows 8, most people use Start8 or Classic Menu, they have transparency. It is a bogus excuse. It should be a selectable item, if you don't want it don't use it.
    As you mentioned in an earlier post has there been a survey to determine what percentage of Win7 and/or Win8.x users make use of a third party start menu?? As far as I can tell none has been done so it seems that your overstating your claim.

    If you want eye candy then add it but MS supplying it would be just more bloat to a very nice OS. IMO

    And if MS did include it they would have to have it turned off as the default, IMO, to reduce the confusion on learning how to disable it. While options are nice this one is not needed and if someone wants eye candy.. just add a third party option.

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    One of Microsoft's responsibilities is to reduce support costs. Not just for them, but for their OEM's and retailers. That means getting rid of popular things which can cause support issues in some cases.
    I can understand that, but how about giving those advanced users, who wish to use Aero the option to turn it on? If you are correct about most computer users, they probably wouldn't even realize the option was available and as such, wouldn't give MS support extra headaches.
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  4. Lee
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    unifex said:
    It's not about the money. Windowblinds do slow down your system if it's not top notch where you can't see it. I know, because I had it before. Aero does not take as many resources.

    Moreover, most themes, like Mr. Grim's, require UXTheme or some other patch to Windows system files, which not everyone is comfortable with.
    Just another one of those post about how something slows your system down. . .
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    Most people know little about computers and don't want to learn. They will learn what they have to but resent the need. A computer is just a tool to get the job done, even if that job is just playing games.

    Designing an OS or other software is all about making decisions. Often they are difficult. Sometimes they are very difficult. Sometimes no matter what decision you make somebody will say it was a stupid one.

    Providing options to give the user the choice doesn't solve the problem. One of the major complaints about software is that there are too many options. Adding options increases development and support costs. Physically adding an option is only the beginning. The text of the option must be translated into many languages and then submitted for usability testing. This testing will often reveal that the option is too confusing and must be changed. Better documentation doesn't help because most people won't read it.

    All of this comes from highly experienced developers who deal with this kind of thing on a regular basis.
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    BillyBob said:
    If every Windows customer was always right we'd have some ridiculous 100GB 3 headed monster that would only run on a 6GHZ CPU and a $1000 video card.

    Less is the new more. Even Apple is aware of that.
    Except we have been using that since Vista and now it is not in the system. We who like Aero are simply asking for it to be put back in. It is like saying FAT32 will no longer work with your PC. No exceptions. I think you will find there are no 6GHZ CPU's but there are plenty of $1000 video card.
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    Lee said:
    . . .Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!, so Microsoft should make all the themes folks want, that way they are happy and all the themers are now out of a job. . .
    Aero is not a theme as such. It is a graphics subsystem on which the themes are built. There are plenty of third party themes that rely on Aero being in the system. I don't want my system patched with third party hacks for it to look pretty when it already does on Windows 7.
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    Lee said:
    Just for kicks I downloaded a thirty day trail version of Windowblinds and installed it on 10, and it worked just fine. . .so if you want glass use windowblinds. . . Oh darn!. . .forgot most of you guys don't want to use third party stuff (it might cost you a few dollars.
    It is NOT the money, I have spent thousands on my systems and have some really good software to run on it. Map programs such as MapPoint Europe and MapPoint USA. Office 2010, numerous versions of Windows 7, and even 8 Pro. All I want from my Windows 10 is Aero. Don't care one iota about start menu or filemanager as I'll be using Classic Shell and Directory Opus , , XYplorer - A Windows File Manager and Explorer Replacement as I have them all and use the one that takes my fancy. I have always bought something I liked and Windows 7 is the best I have seen and used so far.
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    LOL, again we hear from all the naysayers,

    REPENT, repent all ye Aero sinners and dabblers of the dark software'. For it has been told, Aero is the demon seed, a WITCH, a witch that must be burned at the stake. Purged from your minds, souls and machines. Be fore warned, ye who do not listen to saying's of the tech lords, ye who not heed their words, you shall feel the wrath of the Windows 10 Operating systems, come down upon you.

    So say it in The Book of Windows 10 Owners Manual
    book of Gates
    verse 10:14
    book of Balmer
    verse 230:1411

    Yikes!!! Them third party software companies, had better start runnin' an hide'n in them thar' hills.
    Last edited by Trust_No1; 13 Oct 2014 at 15:18.
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    Glass is only one aspect of a theme,
    Usually the most important one anything else can be added fairly easily,
    So users that do their own themes and don't rely on third parties will now be stuck with third partyware to achieve a used to be fairly easy self made task :/

    Sounds like a bad move to me
    That anti going to create revenue for win-10,
    As far as I see one would be better off on 8.1 or stay with 7 which 7 would be a the easiest because it's already there
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