Windows 10: Microsoft pushes Windows 10 upgrade to PCs without user consent

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       23 Oct 2015 #360

    I have the GWX Control Panel on here and still missed the KB2952664 update while showing the 10 app or KB3035583 was not present.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	GWX Control Panel.jpg 
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    It does have it's limitations while indicating if the upgrade option is enabled or disabled as it is here. Between removing the two updates and adding in the new reg key along with having a couple of storage drives plugged in here there won't be any concern about any upgrade. As long as you are seeing what the snipping there shows you shouldn't have too much to worry about as long as you have also dealt with the two updates mentioned.
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    zooburner said: View Post
    Emma, the GWX Control Panel looks for very specific entries both is registry and folders, it can do this almost instantly.
    It should only be downloaded from the authors website to make sure you have a clean copy.

    Ultimate Outsider - Software Downloads
    Zoo, I emailed Woody and he also said it was working properly. W 10 can't be downloaded on my PC's unless it was already on it. So that lets me know all is well. I just have to check my new PC when I hook it up again.
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       23 Oct 2015 #362

    I have been just running a simple batch file to disable gwx on a number of pc's-
    something like-
    1 check if running this script as admin
    2 kill gwx.exe if its running
    3 add policy to registry to disablegwx

    This has worked fine and keeps gwx from running, but with the recent 'glitch' in Windows update, I may have to rethink things a little. I figured out early on that it was useless to uninstall the kb updates, or disable gwx tasks in task scheduler, as they would just come back anyway.

    I have not tried this, but I will probably test and add one additional step to my script- rename $Windows.~BT folder if it already exists, then create a file named $Windows.~BT in the root folder. This 'should' prevent Windows doing the upgrade as it now can't create the folder it wants (either if it wants to download again, or thinks it already downloaded but now can't find the folder). If the upgrade is attempted (intentionally or not), it should just fail as it can't create the folder,

    So, one policy setting in the registry to disable the gwx system tray nagging, and a file created in the root folder to prevent the upgrade. Let ms install all the updates it wants, the upgrade will not happen. At least that's the plan.
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       23 Oct 2015 #363

    For the 64bit 10 that wouldn't be the BT but WS folder! OOPS! Get ya there! The BT is filled with language packs only while the "C:\$Windows~WS\Sources\Windows" folder contains the set up files! And simply creating new duplicates for those wouldn't stop the automatic overwrite the 10 app would see once the upgrade begins!

    The creation of one new registry key and DWord32 entry "DisableOSUpgrade" set for "1" or the reg download available automatically disables the upgrade option. Upgrade to Windows 10 Update - Enable or Disable in Windows 7 or 8.1 - Windows 10 Forums
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       24 Oct 2015 #364

    For the 64bit 10 that wouldn't be the BT but WS folder!

    I have seen lots of WIn7 pc's (x64), and have always seen the hidden folder $Windows.~BT , but have never seen the ~WS folder.

    I'll have to add the 'DisableOSUpgrade' policy. I assume if this is set, one could still run the upgrade either using the media creation tool, or using the $Windows.~BT folder if it was already downloaded.
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       24 Oct 2015 #365

    That's Win 7 usually as a result of the 7 not 10 installer. Following the initial upgrade I found both folders and even stashed the two on one of the storage drives! Have a look at what I found.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You'll notice the resources folder in the BT folder is crossed out having been found empty on one occasion while on the second desktop and laptop you saw folders full of language packs. The actual set up files were found in the WS folder as both folders appeared at the root of the 10 drive even following a clean install of 10. The lime color line highlights the actual folder with those files found inside namely the Windows sub folder seen there.
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       24 Oct 2015 #366

    Well, I have only seen the BT folder on the dozens of Win7 pc's I've come across in the last few weeks. I'm not sure, but I think when I made some Win10 install usb's using the media creator tool, it was using the WS folder as a temp folder. I suspect if one uses the media creator tool to install (instead of just create install media), you will end up with both folders.

    I think MS has their 'glitch' straightened out, as I have not seen any more 'push' for Win10 from the Windows update in the last few days.

    Just to test my previous theory, I took a Win7 test pc and put in a file named $Windows.~BT in the root directory, popped in a Win10x64 install usb flash drive (created previously with media creator tool), and ran setup- it gave an error right away. I deleted the file I created, ran setup again and the first thing I saw was the $Windows.~BT folder being created, and setup ran ok.

    So I think, although not necessary until MS does something ;pushy' again, that simply creating that file will block a download and any install of Windows 10- 'no matter what'.
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       24 Oct 2015 #367

    With both the update failing to install after 10 was already downloaded as well as when finishing the upgrades or clean installs the two folders were found together here. Mind you this is seen with the 10 Pro edition while you may not see the same with the Home edition. I did run into the BT by itself on one occasion but not where the 10 installer had played any role in seeing that appear. I suspect that was when first cloning the former 7 host drive to see the initial 10 upgrade take place or on one of the other 7 drives on the second desktop.

    When going to check for updates I found one pending KB3095649 update waiting for the restart to finish up unrelated to 10 after seeing the KB2952664 update gone and then hidden once it showed up in the next manual check. The other unintended downloads of 10 were never seen here having first clicked on the 10 app to reserve a copy and then downloading 10 well before the Sept. 1 click on it to see the download was finally ready. That explains the then failed upgrade when having replaced the old storage drives with newer ones replacing one failing drive and slapping the other on the second desktop there having only seen the single OS drive installed originally.
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       26 Oct 2015 #368

    Thank you Nighthawk for posting the picture. I looked thoroughly through mine and did not find anything and also used the GWX control panel and that came up with nothing. I'm good on all 3 computers.
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       26 Oct 2015 #369

    I have now blocked all updates from MS to my (so far unsullied) Win 7 machine.

    And once I clear out all the telemetry garbage, I'll be doing the same with 8.1

    Then I'll probably take my spyware-laden forced-update 10 offline altogether.

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