Windows 10: Microsoft pushes Windows 10 upgrade to PCs without user consent

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       17 Oct 2015 #320

    Well as I was saying at the top of the thread this could and evidently has been back firing right in MS's face!

    The 10 app was a way to get people to know that 10 was available without the need for any other update. Upon reserving the copy here first you saw the confirmation email followed by a second "Why wait"" type pointing to the Media Creation tool page.

    Instead of drawing more people to Windows the end result with all this could be in reverse where people who wouldn't normally change OSs would consider the fruit company if not the Open Source alternatives. And you can't simply go backward to Vista and certainly not XP dead issue as of 4/8/2014 with Vista's demise as far as support coming up soon as well. And MS couldn't have timed it better for a Royal Goober like this with the Steve Jobs movie coming out next week!

    "yeah MS trashed my Windows machine! have to find a new OS and saw that SJ movie." You could imagine some being rather outraged at seeing their machines upgraded to 10 out of the blue and simply deciding to dump Windows entirely as a result. But the one thing to watch for will be the KB3035583 update for the 10 app which is how this is happening while at first a reserved copy took a full month to see the notification of not by a 3rd email but when clicking on the 10 app itself.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The 10 app itself was what was checked off and the Get Started option is seen when clicking on the 10 app from Sept. 1st after the initial rush during the first month. Despite hiding the update after first seeing it removed the second install wasn't needed apparently while it was still checked off as an Important not Optional update!

    There was no pop up notification here when 10 made the second unattended failed upgrade attempt Despite the new DisableOSUpgrade reg DWord and the updated hidden seeing the second failed clearly shows this was done by design by someone at MS with or without highest approval. MS of course is simply playing it down as they pull the wool down over blind eyes!
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    This is fun to read because. Windows 7/8.1 user can choose how and which updates to install. :)
    (Yeah i know that "mistake"? windows force upgrading) But at the same time some Windows 10 users complain that can not affect how and what updates are installed.

    If you use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and want to know what updates are coming, use that feature to change update settings and look what updates there will be.
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    I just noticed that the KB3035583 was showing up again in Optional Updates a month after I specifically took steps to Hide it. I had to Hide it again.
    What the heck is MS doing?
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       17 Oct 2015 #323

    I thought MS was correcting their "mistake". I enabled my updates to see if they had found away to get in to install updates. No new ones.
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    dlwmacgregor said: View Post
    I just noticed that the KB3035583 was showing up again in Optional Updates a month after I specifically took steps to Hide it. I had to Hide it again.
    What the heck is MS doing?
    SURPRISE! I'M BACK! is what is spooking many about 10 who didn't decide to upgrade! After uninstalling that particular update and hiding it as well as adding in the brand new DisableOSUpgrade key ut oooooohh..... "IT" has reurned! Solution for 7 users is...? Set the updates to the "never check for updates" option and call it a day! When going to check this second time the second download for the KB3035583 was also hidden away likely to no avail however since a 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. time will be seeing it while it should no longer be found automatically checked off.

    The Upgrade to 10 item however wasn't seen at any time being the main concern if spotted when going to check. The other came in under Important not Optional here. That I wouldn't expect as others have been running into it when not reserving their own copy and it came in checked off ready to install. That will be what MS has to correct not the 10 app update which you have to click on in order to click on the Get Started button.

    Here due to having the first original upgrade fail and after putting on a fresh copy of 7 upgrade over that and still fail followed by unplugging the pair of old storage drives to see 10 go on finally the reserved copy fail was intentional while the upgrade server still sees it as unfinished business and why I ended up simply setting things to never check. After next July you won't be seeing any of this however once the free upgrade offer expires. For the next several months however keep an eye out for those two items.

    I had to edit this here to add in one MS Page someone just posted over at SF regarding the updates problem of seeing the KB3035583 already hidden seen again. That would be from simply having the exact same number but a slightly different version of the 10 app as explained as well as posting a link to the MS page for the 10 app seen at

    The page there mainly for 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 also includes a list of things to watch out for on 7! There's quite a few files as it turns out intended to put just the 10 app alone on. The never automatically check option still works for me however!
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    Knight Hawk, I bought a new desktop that has 8.1 on it and the clerk said W 10 was on it ready to be installed. I set it up and nothing that I recognized as W 10 upgrade showed up. I know it is probably there somewhere. Would it be listed with the names/numbers mentioned in the thread. It has no updates so I know it is not there.
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    "a new desktop that has 8.1 on it" that likely sees the Anytime Upgrade option? Don't forget you have an OEM not custom build system there where the OEM can tuck things away not on the C: OS primary but on the factory partitions which would allow for the upgrade to take place.

    One thing to be aware of is that each OEM has their own installers. HP will see it's own HP Webupdate installer while Acer will have it's own Acer Webupdate installer and so forth. All anyone can do is point to the ones they do find you are able to avoid as the information comes along. The failed upgrade seen here was from originally clicking on the 10 app while still on and knowing at that time the upgrade would fail from the initial upgrade attempts seen on July 29th with the direct downloads by way of the MC tool.

    The 10 download is obviously placed in the "C:\Windows\Software Distribution\Download" or other similar folder depending on which version you are running from which the upgrade's installer unpacks the set up files into the "C:\$Windows~WS|" folder on the 64bit side of life with the BT being the volume of language packs.

    That's one reason why you wouldn't see it in the updates at all especially since 8.1 is thte immediate predacessor to 10 compared to 7 and 8 machines likely to see otherwise. The other is not simply expecting to see those file names in the updates lists at all but when searching for files already on the drive! The updates besides the "Upgrade to Windows 10" Optional will come in with the "KBxxxxxx"" type name not any particular file name in order to deliver the actual file. It gets on undetected unless intentionally looked for once you know what to be looking for!

    Plus the 10 installer's own clean up process would likely see to those files being removed entirely once 10 is on and running! DiskCleanup tool works wonders at times! "sneaky son of gun MS gurus! slipped one past me again!"
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       17 Oct 2015 #327

    NH, Thanks. It should still come with the agreement form agree or disagree?

    I forgot to mention, I do not want it installed.
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    I would suspect any upgrade install would fail unless the last part of setting up the user account and pc name is canceled by a simple hard boot of the system which would automatically result in a failed upgrade from completion. That would be the last desperate type of resort to prevent 10 from going on however other then simply hitting the Ctrl-Alt-Del to end the 10 installer by way of the Task Manager.

    Here I know what happened where 10 never got past the first restart to continue on since the boot files ended up elsewhere! I see some new temp information ilfes at the roots of both storage drives likely being error logs! Simply having an extra storage/backup or other non OS drive present seems to trash the 10 upgrades!

    As for the initiation of the 10 installer that is on MS there unless you click the Get Started button on the 10 app if that should appear! Otherwise you would think that the 10 installer would require the usual user interaction from the start of seeing the first set up screen appear and copy of the set up files then be followed by the need to make selections not simply find 10 was already on?!

    With 10 MS was trying "something new" out and pushing to see 10 go onto 1 billion machines suggesting a predesign for seeing automated upgrades take place?! When called out MS only admitted an excuse to not being aware but will fix the problem? The not being aware of doesn't hold much water as some would tend to suspect.

    Someone? may have intentionally set things up where the Optional update was already checked off and possibly may not actually be a corporate decision which would leave MS liable but someone supposedly doing something on their own? You can speculate on things like that all you want if you tend to be a conspiracy fan. The problem in most cases is that people tend to be alarmists! While it doesn't look good at finding MS made a supposed goof up. It backed fired in their direction!
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       17 Oct 2015 #329

    Thanks for that info. I am not using it at the present, but will hook it up and have a closer look at it.
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