Windows 10: Microsoft pushes Windows 10 upgrade to PCs without user consent

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  1.    15 Oct 2015 #280

    Night Hawk said: View Post
    Well I hid it here so I would no longer get the 10 app itself while I did get the Sept. 1st confirmation 10 was ready to download. Apparently due to the previously seen failed attempt which I did expect would happen the updater is still trying to put 10 on despite the new reg key to disable the OS upgrade option as well as hiding the 10 app which so far I wouldn't expect to see again.

    Likewise I wasn't expecting to see another failed attempt once the 10 app was removed since the first time that one I knew would when clicking the yes option to watch as it failed only further confirming the initial problem of seeing the 10 /7 dual boot take place back when 10 wouldn't go on at all when first downloaded directly.

    That same circumstance once discovered and allowed to see 10 go was then put back in place being the two new storage drives larger in size replacing the first two with one of those now is use in a second desktop. The other was retired due to apparent access problems showing it was worn out! But the surprise came when seeing it still trying regardless of the changes made to prevent it!
    Wow. Just seems like we are no longer allowed to choose whether we want 10 on all our rigs or not....
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  2.    15 Oct 2015 #281

    simrick said: View Post
    Wow. Just seems like we are no longer allowed to choose whether we want 10 on all our rigs or not....
    Sadly I have also seen a few GWX.exe errors on my Windows 7 machine despite uninstalling and hiding the KB3035583 update. and putting the 'do not upgrade the OS' reg key on my computer. A few friends have just given up and installed 10 just to stop the errors and nagging. It's like it's a constant battle to keep window 10 away from your machine spoiling altogether the fun of using windows 7, frankly I feel cheated.

    I personally think Microsoft should release a simple update that actually stops and uninstalls any GWX updates taking place, a kind of one time fix for those who simply want to stay with Windows 7/8/8.1

    Personally I think Microsoft should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, I no longer consider Windows a safe O.S. not even 7 now and have started using Linux as the stable secure OS of choice, and only using my Windows machine for Games.

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  3. labeeman's Avatar
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       15 Oct 2015 #282

    simrick said: View Post
    Wow. Just seems like we are no longer allowed to choose whether we want 10 on all our rigs or not....
    Yep and it is getting worse.
    Windows 10 upgrade nags become more aggressive, offer no opt-out

    It seems that Microsoft is desperate to get laggards who are still running Windows 7 and Windows 8 onto Windows 10, but there's a fine line between being enthusiastic about a new operating system and behaving like you own every PC running Windows, and I think that in this case that line has been crossed.
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  4.    15 Oct 2015 #283

    Alpha and I just helped a gal at EF who had GWX mess up her activation... even adding a pre-installation key into the registry.

    That was really one of the things that should have been tested by Insiders - even if it meant merely upgrading from one build to another.
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  5.    15 Oct 2015 #284

    labeeman said: View Post
    Is this for real? I have a laptop on 8.1 that I DO NOT want to upgrade to W10, simply because there are no drivers for W10. I tried 10 and some things simply do not work properly with the 8.1 drivers (bluetooth etc) so I have to keep that laptop on 8.1 or otherwise I loose functionality.
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  6.    15 Oct 2015 #285

    labeeman said: View Post
    Yeah, and now I've found not only GWX.exe, but also GWXUX.exe on one of my systems. What the heck is that?
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  7.    15 Oct 2015 #286

    So far, it appears that KB3035583 needs to be hidden at least twice to keep it away! I actually had to find and uninstall it it first, but the "Upgrade to Windows 10" does not appear to get the hint until it has been hidden at least three or four times! We'll see if it still comes back, after a few days!
    Just Sayin'
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       15 Oct 2015 #287

    This is sort of repeat of what I have done to stop MS's attempts to install W 10 on my PC. I have had my windows updates settings at "never" for 2 years and never had a problem without those updates. The only updates on this machine are the ones I needed to install Office and WLM. When MS started upgrading without permission I disabled Windows updates in local services. I did get a notice a few days ago that I needed to turn on W updates to install important updates are waiting. I looked at the updates that had several driver updates listed with other updates. I figured MS was wanting to install 10 on my W 7. When I did not turn on Windows updates the notice went away. This will stop all updates including MS from installing 10. I am just a basic user unlike you all are so maybe you need regular windows updates. The basic user can disable windows update and use their computers without updates. I know several users who do this and they have no problem.
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       15 Oct 2015 #288

    labeeman said: View Post

    I triple boot, so why would I want two windows 10 on my system. I haven't got anything like that on my windows 7 system but I didn't install most of windows 10 update files. Does Microsoft realize not all systems can be upgraded to windows 10? I also have a legal Windows 7 oem:slp installation, I wonder if that makes any difference. Remember, Windows 10 upgrade is only free for a year. So, what is going to happen after windows 10 is no longer free?

    Here is quote from that article labeeman linked to.

    Reports are circulating that some users are being presented with dialog boxes that only give them the option to start the upgrade process or reschedule it for a later date. Others are finding that the Windows Update screen is only offering them the option to begin the upgrade process, with other system updates being hidden from view.
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  10.    15 Oct 2015 #289

    This really is madness that it is being forced upon users. What's the bet that they will get so much negative feedback that they will be forced to back-pedal?
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