Windows 10: Announcing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10536 Mobile

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  1.    16 Sep 2015 #20

    I got two updates, I thought they were stuck at first, but finally they came down and installed in around 3 to 4 hours or more. No problems so far.
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       17 Sep 2015 #21


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       26 Sep 2015 #22

    my current OS version is 10536.1004, there was another update recently - took a couple of hours to settle in..

    there have been updates to a number of apps as well..
    the Xbox One BETA app is a doozy.. (- looking forward to the proposed Xbox One redesign..)
    also, Groove Music has been streamlined..

    - it all interconnects with the PC..
    - looking pretty neat..
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       28 Sep 2015 #23

    Guys, would some of you test this and tell how it went:

    Turn on the Mobile Hotspot at Settings > Network & Wireless > Mobile Hotspot. Connect a PC to the Hotspot. Does it stay connected?

    I had a service interruption yesterday on my Internet / Phone / IPTV service, I was forced to use the Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot tethering to connect my PC to Internet. The problem was that whatever I did, the Hotspot kicked my PC out every time after only two or three minutes. Nothing I tried kept the connection live.

    When this happened, I had to turn the Hotspot (connection sharing) off on mobile, turn it on again and reconnect the PC. This every few minutes. In the two hours or so my service was not working and I had to use the Windowss Phone tethering, I had to reconnect about 40 to 50 times. Really!

    I would be interested to hear if your Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536 keeps the Hotspot connection alive or does this same happen to you.

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       29 Sep 2015 #24

    I love my Windows phones, have two of them. I love Windows 10 Mobile OS, it works like a dream, in terms of functionality and visual aspects I have nothing to complain. Except... Both my Lumia phones are useless with the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536, as they have been with every preview build. Useless because of the power consumption.

    An average battery discharge speed is from 8 to 12 percent per hour, idle and all services like location, Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi and so on turned off. Idle! A 10 minute call or 5 minutes browsing with WiFi uses about third of the full battery charge.

    A typical example, happens to me every day in one or another way: Today I left to city to meet someone, leaving home at 16:15 (4:15 PM), having recharged Lumia 930 full and only disconnecting it from charger a minute before leaving. Double checked that battery was full. Went with a tram, it's 14 minutes, browsed the news with 4G connection while in tram. Had a short meeting, went to a café for an espresso, while drinking it made a phone call which according to the phone's record lasted about 17 minutes. Back home with a tram, no browsing, no calls since these one browsing session and one call. Not in the mood to answer, a few incoming calls gone to voicemail. Got one text message, sent two.

    It's 20:45 now (8:45 PM). The phone went dead just now, flashing the battery icon. It's so empty I cannot even turn it on again before it has recharged a bit.

    Summary: Battery fully charged. About 4 hours 30 minutes later, WiFi, location, Bluetooth, NFC, all turned off all the time. One call (17 minutes), browsing with 4G connection (about 12 to 14 minutes), one text message sent, two received, three unanswered calls. Battery dead.

    With Windows Phone 8.1 I needed to charge my phones every other night, with Windows Mobile 10 two or three times a day. I have restored the original Windows 8.1 a few times just to be sure it's not the phone but the OS which is consuming my battery; every time the 8.1 is restored my battery discharge is back to it's normal between 2 and 3%. per hour. With location and WiFi turned on.

    Nice toys but not very useful at the moment.



    Turned everything off, battery saver on:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wp_ss_20150929_0007.png 
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Size:	102.3 KB 
ID:	40181

    Yet, almost 6% discharge per hour:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wp_ss_20150929_0005.png 
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Size:	113.5 KB 
ID:	40176

    In other words, if I let the 4G and WiFi be turned off, Bluetooth, NFC and location turned off and do not use phone at all, a full battery would last with this discharge rate a bit over 17 hours. I mean, 17 hours if I do not use the phone at all! This with battery saver feature turned on. (Screenshots from Lumia 925.)
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       29 Sep 2015 #25

    "Nice toys but not very useful at the moment."

    I agree with your analysis, after using several 10 versions I have gone back to Windows 8.1 until final is available. Two days battery life, and responsive screens.
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  7.    30 Sep 2015 #26

    I have a humble Nokia 620 and had the same problem. I found location had to be turned off to save the battery.
    I assume you have turned off any background apps you don't need.
    Settings/System/Battery saver/Battery use/Change background app settings/
    The combination of this means my current discharge rate is 3.06 percent/hour with phone, wifi, email, live tiles etc all on.

    Found this build works well with only 512Mb memory - really pleased.
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       08 Oct 2015 #27

    Not an announcement, just more Microsoft-watching - which has recently become something of a sport..

    After seeing that Windows10 Devices event by MS, I'm keen to know if any of this
    amazing continuum they speak so highly of, will filter down to us underlings
    lurking beneath the mighty Lumia950's.. It sure looks neat enough..

    Reckon that the current Phone Companion app on the PC could be greatly enhanced..
    at the moment it just sits there telling you what your storage and battery are doing,
    and diverting you to some rinky-dink little blurbs about Office, Cortana, OneCloud, etc..

    Given that it's communicating directly via USB, one might have expected a greater degree
    of interoperability between the two platforms.. Particularly given that they are using the same OS..

    Samsung game me the Kies App, which enabled a rudimentary form of onscreen communication
    with my Android phone, using both Bluetooth and the USB link..

    - looking at things as they stand at the moment, Phone Companion appears to be a lost opportunity..
    - it serves no useful function other than recording storage information, transferring stuff back and forth
    - via Cloud and Groove, etc; and some battery read-out info..

    - I wanna be able to type directly from my PC to the mobile phone..
    - bring on that continuum..!!
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       13 Oct 2015 #28


    MS has this app

    Download Project My Screen App for Windows Phone from Official Microsoft Download Center

    You can use your mouse/keyboard/monitor browsing through your phone. No where near continuum but fun to play with.
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       14 Oct 2015 #29

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ProjectMyScreen_controls.JPG 
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Size:	47.7 KB 
ID:	42664

    it throws up a nice-looking display on-screen, but
    like you say, it's not the continuum, limited functionality only..
    probably better with a tablet and touch-screen monitor..

    - but hey, many thanks Dude - great fun!!

    Apps from Xbox Live run under cursor control, to an extent..
    just "Esc" out to get the cursor, then go back to full-screen mode
    - here's how it looks onscreen at 1600x900..
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AoE_Castle_Siege_Project_My_Screen.jpg 
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Size:	165.6 KB 
ID:	42672
    ..sorry for the grainy screenshot
    - it's a jpg via the now-defunct Microsoft Office PhotoDraw V2
    - which works perfectly in Win10, BTW..

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ironic_display.JPG 
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Size:	50.3 KB 
ID:	42665

    How ironic, she doesn't work on the PC
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