June 2024

Release date: 6/12/2024

OS version: 10.0.25398.4908 (xb_flt_2406zn.240606-1530)

New ways to personalize your Home screen background
If you can’t decide whether to have your Home screen display your fave dynamic background or game art, now you don’t have to choose – you can mix it up to show both. To customize your background by rotating game art with a dynamic theme of your choice, go to Settings > General > Personalization > My Background > Show selected game art. You can also set your your dynamic background color without changing your profile color. Available with Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Stay connected with a wealth of wireless networks
For players on the go, connecting and reconnecting to various Wi-Fi networks can be a hassle. No worries: Your Xbox console can now remember up to 10 wireless networks and their passwords, so you can game hassle-free in all your favorite spots. Just go to Settings > General > Network settings > Manage wireless networks > Manage my networks, and you can disconnect or remember the networks of your choice.

Subscription management made easy
Now you can manage your Game Pass and other subscriptions right from your console. Turn on recurring billing, upgrade your plan, check your payment history, and more by going to Settings > Account > Subscriptions, selecting your subscription, and then choosing Change subscription. Pick the options that suit your needs.


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