White House Announces Cybersecurity Labeling Program for Smart Devices

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    Marie SWE said:
    I have a tendency to snow in on sci-fi movies and series.. but i also am a sucker for westerns, computer-tech and "end of the world" kind of movies. *lol*

    White House Announces Cybersecurity Labeling Program for Smart Devices-image1.png

    And for movies... Movies.txt
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    Ghot said:
    White House Announces Cybersecurity Labeling Program for Smart Devices-image1.png

    And for movies... Movies.txt
    Cheers, got it
    Frasier too
    Home improvement
    Kung Fu.. have three of them.. old one, Legend continues and the modern one
    Married with children
    Mash and also after mash
    StarTrek got them all except the animated one
    That 70's Show and the 80's one
    Tour of Duty
    and X-files
    I have 107series (and counting as i still have a few waiting in line that ain't on my list.. i only keep those i plan to see more then once)
    The outer limits and the twilight zone is on my wish list

    as for the move list it is to many to mention, i recognize a lot of them.. I have some where between 1500-1700 movies.. I lost count some time around 2016. *LOL*
    The movie Escape From Alcatraz is good.. you also have the mini series two episodes 3hour in total that i strongly recommend if you haven't seen it yet. Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story (TV Series 1980) - IMDb

    Nice taste you have though.

    It feels like TenForums is in need of a movie and series thread in Chillout Room.
    Now I'm off to bed.. back in in 9-10 hours.
    Take care
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    Malneb said:
    ... clearly any reputable company that is trading is already concerned with making their tech secure.
    I disagree.
    Just for example, it took a campaign by our 'Consumers' Association' to get our major broadband ISPs to tell their customers that they needed to change their router passwords from the publicly-available passwords they were delivered with.

    All the best,
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    Other than some marvelous bullshit from that press resale, I mean release, I agree that we in the U.S. need something like this. I've been calling for something like this for some time now because manufactures are there for nothing but the profit (of course) and it seems could give one iota less about the consumer and the quality of their products (or customer support for that matter). A perfect example of this is how many companies outsource their manufacturing to slave labor in a not so friendly communist country... But I digress.

    I'm going to add my public comment to the FCC for sure. One point NIST needs to do is mandate firmware code signing so that hackers can't take over your IoT crap. That would be a good steep in the right direction in trying to secure all this IoT crap.

    I think the QR code idea is a good one because a company in China or whatever can fake a label like the UL label or whatever that some do now already. Then it's up to U.S. Customs to seize that garbage on the way into port. It's why UL makes some if not all of their labels holographic in an effort to curtail a falsely listed UL product. Some products mold the UL label into the plastic. Having said that, perhaps UL should also deploy QR code validation for companies that apply, pay for and acquire the UL label.

    The QR code should link to the product in the database and match the FCC ID of course. And the FCC ID needs to be clearly visible on said device for the consumer to see in full view without any shenanigans by a company. But! I know this is a government run database and I don't trust its deployment and the way in how it may be run. Being a radio communications hobbyist I use the FCC database all the time and it's not really the best setup in my opinion. And sometimes it just takes forever to query a record if it does at all. Not too long ago that website (the ULS) was down for a while.

    I hope many in the computer industry as well as white hat hackers and the like come forward and offer their ideas. The Fall of 2023 is kinda of a limited short notice... This whole effort is voluntary, but I think could help make a product stand out among the crowd. Just like the UL label. For me personally, when I go to Amazon to buy an electronic device, I always want to know if it's UL listed. A lot of times that's either not the case (because Amazon could care less) or it's hard to find that information. I also see in the Q & A portion of Amazon a lot of other people asking for the same thing. Because all I do is enter "UL" without quotes in the search field and I see others have asked the same question. You'd be surprised how much electronic crap is sold on Amazon that didn't even acquire a UL listing. Saves money for the manufacturer to make something cheap and dangerous...

    Now this of course doesn't necessarily mean that just because the device is U.S. Cyber Trust Marked means it's automatically hack proof. In cybersecurity EVERYTHING no matter how secure it is is hackable. So what you do is try to secure the device or system as best you can and stay abreast of any and all CVEs and whatnot and patch accordingly. Thus, such a U.S. Cyber Trust Mark needs to stay abreast of any and all outstanding CVE as well to fulfill the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark requirements. I mean, not for every tiny thing, but in the broad scope of it all like the aforementioned code signing firmware or passing certain criteria for username and passwords in a router and a router or modem's exploit capabilities and such.


    Can the X-Files crap be removed? I've had slightly (yes, slightly) off topic posts removed for less of a crime...
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    Hello @Marie SWE,

    Marie SWE said:
    I am actually watching the series X-files now.
    Marie SWE said:
    True. it is very few episodes in that series that has "continues" in the end as cliffhanger.
    I am a BIG fan, you just need to look at my profile to the left.

    I normally watch ALL the Mythology episodes at least once a year. Here is my list [ slightly different to Ghot's ]:

    The X-Files
    Season 1 (1993–94)
    01 - S01E01 - Pilot
    02 - S01E02 - Deep Throat
    03 - S01E10 - Fallen Angel
    04 - S01E17 - E.B.E.
    05 - S01E24 - The Erlenmeyer Flask
    Season 2 (1994–95)
    06 - S02E01 - Little Green Men
    07 - S02E05 - Duane Barry - TBC
    08 - S02E06 - Ascension
    09 - S02E08 - One Breath
    10 - S02E16 - Colony - TBC
    11 - S02E17 - End Game
    12 - S02E25 - Anasazi - TBC
    Season 3 (1995–96)
    13 - S03E01 - The Blessing Way - TBC
    14 - S03E02 - Paper Clip
    15 - S03E09 - Nisei - TBC
    16 - S03E10 - 731
    17 - S03E15 - Piper Maru - TBC
    18 - S03E16 - Apocrypha
    19 - S03E24 - Talitha Cumi - TBC
    Season 4 (1996–97)
    20 - S04E01 - Herrenvolk
    21 - S04E07 - Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man
    22 - S04E08 - Tunguska - TBC
    23 - S04E09 - Terma
    24 - S04E14 - Memento Mori
    25 - S04E17 - Tempus Fugit - TBC
    26 - S04E18 - Max
    27 - S04E21 - Zero Sum
    28 - S04E23 - Demons
    29 - S04E24 - Gethsemane - TBC
    Season 5 (1997–98)
    30 - S05E01 - Redux I - TBC
    31 - S05E02 - Redux II
    32 - S05E06 - Christmas Carol - TBC
    33 - S05E07 - Emily
    34 - S05E13 - Patient X - TBC
    35 - S05E14 - The Red and the Black
    36 - S05E20 - The End
    37 - S05E99 - Fight the Future (1998) - Extended Cut
    Season 6 (1998–99)
    38 - S06E01 - The Beginning
    39 - S06E09 - S.R. 819
    40 - S06E11 - Two Fathers - TBC
    41 - S06E12 - One Son
    42 - S06E22 - Biogenesis - TBC
    Season 7 (1999–2000)
    43 - S07E01 - The Sixth Extinction I - TBC
    44 - S07E02 - The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati
    45 - S07E10 - Sein und Zeit - TBC
    46 - S07E11 - Closure
    47 - S07E15 - En Ami
    48 - S07E22 - Requiem
    Season 8 (2000–01)
    49 - S08E01 - Within - TBC
    50 - S08E02 - Without
    51 - S08E13 - Per Manum
    52 - S08E14 - This is Not Happening - TBC
    53 - S08E15 - Deadalive
    54 - S08E16 - Three Words
    55 - S08E18 - Vienen
    56 - S08E20 - Essence
    57 - S08E21 - Existence
    Season 9 (2000–01)
    58 - S09E01 - Nothing Important Happened Today I - TBC
    59 - S09E02 - Nothing Important Happened Today II
    60 - S09E06 - Trust No 1
    61 - S09E09 - Provenance - TBC
    62 - S09E10 - Providence
    63 - S09E16 - William
    64 - S09E19 - The Truth I - TBC
    65 - S09E20 - The Truth II
    Season 10 (2016)
    66 - S10E01 - My Struggle I
    67 - S10E06 - My Struggle II
    Season 11 (2018)
    68 - S11E01 - My Struggle III
    69 - S11E05 - Ghouli
    70 - S11E10 - My Struggle IV

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    Try3 said:
    I disagree.
    Just for example, it took a campaign by our 'Consumers' Association' to get our major broadband ISPs to tell their customers that they needed to change their router passwords from the publicly-available passwords they were delivered with.

    All the best,
    Because that is the result of the general consumer at play we already know that the majority of users that own devices use them but don't necessarily know how to secure them or how to use them in depth. I did mention that the label will help people like this so you don't have to come in here and disagree with me thanks because we are saying the same thing.

    Aside when they are mentioning stakeholders that means vested interest and that also means return on capital, in turn this means that yes over time there is potential for companies to buy their way in to the database because money talks. These shareholders love their return. We also know how America loves its money and loves its debt and loves falsifying everything in the name of money.

    Unless they audit the system for legitimacy by a third party body then it is vulnerable, The sticker is not going to really mean anything for situates or people that know computers already and what to look for it may help them but i think overall its a waste of time its just government playing middle man all in the name of dollar bill.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I can see it now companies like McAfee with the sticker on it.
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    There is no idea to even discuss security and privacy.. as normal people don't want that. and when you tell them, they don't accept the truth and calls it disinformation.
    Just have a look at my thread where i told Windows is collecting your data.. a few said it was a lie and disinformation.. and as soon i showed the microsoft agree text they have accepted on installation, it became dead quiet..

    People want insecure systems as they priorities ease of use before security. That is how 90% of all idiots want it.. They want their browsers to store their passwords, They want to use free cloud services, They want this and that... and then they complain when they get their data stolen och locked out from things when someone has hijacked their stuff and accounts.
    I'm just saying...If you aim a gun at your foot and pull the trigger.. to you really think it wont hurt? *LOL*
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    Marie SWE said:
    They want their browsers to store their passwords
    And what is wrong with that?

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    Try3 said:
    And what is wrong with that?

    Can Someone Access the Passwords Saved in My Browser? – Keeper

    even password managers get hacked and they are better protected then a browser
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    That article is stuffed with false statements. For example,
    "anyone who has access to your web browser or uses malicious software to hack it will be able to access the passwords saved in your browser"
    "a cybercriminal would be able to open your browser and view all your passwords in plain text"
    "if someone uses your browser on your device, they will easily have access to the passwords saved in your browser."
    These are all false claims.
    My Firefox passwords are protected by a 'Primary password'.
    I have deliberately used browser password utilities to try to steal my own passwords. They failed to reveal or copy any of them.

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