Windows 10: Windows 10 after one month: Hits and misses

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    Windows 10 after one month: Hits and misses

    So what's the story, a month after the big launch? A surprising amount of sound and fury, especially for a midsummer release. In this post, I call out some of the hits and misses, with the caveat that this is all going to continue changing very quickly in the coming months.
    Windows 10 after one month: Hits and misses | ZDNet
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    Nice reading. Thanks.
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    Wish the Edge browser was more complete and for some reason Contana keeps freezing up on my main computer, other than that everything is running nicely on all four of my computers so far.
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    Win10's 'Photos' app is just excellent. This is a big 'hit' for me, compared to using Win7.

    It makes taking the pertinent segments out of videos so easy without re-encoding the video or changing the bit-rate. And saves as MP4 - the best format. Given it is a still photo app this is great. And it can allow mid-level picture editing too. A few useful features are missing for this though.
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    squawksarah said: View Post
    Win10's 'Photos' app is just excellent. This is a big 'hit' for me, compared to using Win7.
    I never used the Windows Photo App in W7 so I can't speak for that but when compared to W8.1 it is a BIG step backward. Who in the world groups albums by date created? Albums need to be grouped by Title or Subject Matter, when the album was created means nothing and I have yet to find a way to change that.
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    Explorer.exe is still too fragile. Both manual and third party software changes to its setup that 8.1 and previous Windows versions accepted readily can send it into a spiral of crashing.
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    Article said:
    It's not spying. Feedback.

    Seriously, this is how healthy, modern systems work.
    Hey there, anti-privacy advocate. A system shouldn't have to send "feedback" against my will. Feedback is, by definition, to send one's concern and ideas willingly. I'm not against feedback but feedback generated from the content of my machine. No thanks. Real feedback is say from user on a forum posting ideas and discussing. Then, MS would read that. THAT would be real feedback. No to Telemetry.
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    I agree that"feedback" should be voluntary but some of it is inevitable to receive some services. Telemetry for instance, how to have localized information without it ? Cortana, Maps etc. would be useless, just one example.
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    I guess I just don't understand!

    How could this be OK with anyone?


    "We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders),when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to protect our customers or enforce the terms governing the use of the services."

    It is amazing how bold Microsoft is, they spell it right out for everyone "We will access" Files in Private Folders, Really? They don't necessarily tell you how they do it but they will do it, they are telling you plain and clear. So I scan a sensitive document and put it in a folder and Microsoft has access to it, that's crazy.

    For those that think this is OK why don't you just periodically clone your HDD and sent it to Microsoft? It will save on Bandwidth. Microsoft probably has a special program for sympathizers, a super-duper Insider Program. I don't care if the info is encrypted and stored in a safe place, the whole process should be illegal but we all know that the laws governing the gathering of digital information are decades behind where they should be and with the sentiment of many here it will stay that way.
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    Well this issue is Windows is licensed to the user and the user doesn't own Windows. Also the problem is over exaggerated as some are saying MS is taking everything well if the take everything then they would go through terabytes of storage a day. Plus finding my data would be worse then finding a needle in a haystack. My company has about 65 surfaces and MS had did an inquiry about how many Surfaces we have and how we use them. Wouldn't they already know that if they were tracking us?
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