Windows 10: Only 2 Percent of Windows 10 Consumers Using Microsoft Edge Browser

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  1.    05 Sep 2015 #50

    Leave the piece of crap to the smart phone users. May be it helps MS steal my information. I can't wait for the first lawsuit because someone at MS got a bank security code. I was looking at Fire Fox for Android. I will not let it have access to everything it wants and I am sure that new piece of crap doesn't ask.
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  2.    05 Sep 2015 #51

    Tried Edge for a couple months

    I tried Edge for a couple months as an insider, it was faster than IE, other than that and the look (had it set to dark, that's easier on my eyes) Didn't see too much different in day to day use.

    There are missing features and control over some very basic things. Ex: open a link in a new tab can't be set to open as the active tab, you can press ctrl+shift and right click a link/bookmark to open in new tab and the new tab is in front. Why should a user need a work around for something so simple?

    Once Edge has had some time to be updated with some of what would seem to be basic functions for a browser, and some other improvements added I'll try it again. I use IE most times, sometimes will use Mozilla Waterfox and will consider a move to Edge as it matures.

    MS is going for a "one size fits all" IMO, it didn't work with Win8 and without quite a few updates/additions Edge will suffer the same fate. Win8 had to go to 8.1, we'll see what happens with Edge.
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  3.    05 Sep 2015 #52

    Mark Phelps said: View Post
    Since Edge is installed by default and set up as the default browser in Win10, I would be very surprised if less than 90% of the Win10 users utilize Edge. It's a pain to disable it and to re-add IE as the default browser -- not something as easy as picking from a list of (default) browsers when you (1) do the Win10 Upgrade, or (2) first login to Win10.

    I don't use Edge because I'm not obsessed with the Metro UI. I'd rather use a traditional UI Browser that works well (IE 11) than struggle along with a Metro UI browser that has problems.
    I had no problems at all setting IE as my default browser. I just chose it in the normal way you always have and it worked perfectly. I didn't have to disable Edge either. It's still there and useable if I want it.
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  4.    05 Sep 2015 #53

    Zarggg said: View Post
    I can't even use edge. Every site I try to go to gives me the generic "Hmm, we can't reach this page." error. Never really had much of a need to troubleshoot it, since I'm quite happy with Firefox.
    Look at your firewall. It probably doesn't allow Edge to connect to the Internet. I had the same problem with my AVG Firewall, after I set it right, it worked fine.

    I use it all the time, only for websites that need an extension, I go back to IE11. But once Edge supports extensions, I probably will go fulltime to Edge. I like this Browser a lot.

    BTW, I noticed a few messages stating that Edge isn't a Browser but an app. Well, all software you use on Windows 10 are now called apps.
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  5.    05 Sep 2015 #54

    Looey said: View Post
    As the title says, does a disk cleanup remove Edge temporary internet files?
    I don't know but CCleaner does
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  6.    05 Sep 2015 #55

    TairikuOkami said: View Post
    Edge is an app not a browser, surely great for phones and touchy things, but for a desktop.
    No, it is a full fledged browser that is suitable for all platforms. It just needs more features added to get me to switch from trusty ol' IE.

    In Windows 10, everything is referred to as an app. It doesn't matter if it's built in, comes from the store, or is a desktop program. In Windows 10, it's an app.
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  7.    05 Sep 2015 #56

    I don't use extensions so that's not an issue. I just use a tracking protection list in IE and depend on SmartScreen and my AV for the rest. IE only has the plugins for search, flash, java, and PDF-Xchange other than the tracking protection. Even my Chrome installation which is rarely used only has AdBlock, Bookmarks Menu (I hate the way Chrome handles them), and Chromecast for extensions. Chrome, like IE, also has very good built in phishing protection. I don't believe in a load of unnecessary clutter like WOT and it's ilk. To me they're just as unwanted as toolbars.

    Edge is only slowed down by ads. On sites with few or none, it is the fastest of all the browsers. When they allow tracking protection or ad blockers, it will blaze. However they still have to improve the Favorites management and make it easier to add new search engines.
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  8.    05 Sep 2015 #57

    I continue to bounce between IE 11 and Chrome. Since Edge doesn't support extensions Norton 360 can't protect me. However, I have messed around with it and does seem to move around the internet faster. Hopefully it will not become too buggy with upgrades.
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  9.    05 Sep 2015 #58

    I use Firefox only, I like the menu bar. I may be old school but I still don't trust IE to be secure.
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  10.    05 Sep 2015 #59

    About the only Edge feature I found that I wish other browsers had was the ability to turn off Adobe Flash. That helps the browser a great deal. No it does not block ads, but it does help stop all the crappy multimedia that you find crashing IE, Chrome, and other browsers.
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