Windows 10sion: What's Old Is New Again

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    Windows 10sion: What's Old Is New Again

    Windows 10sion: What's Old Is New Again

    Posted: 30 Sep 2014

    Interesting take on Windows 10 from the Verge. I personally think Windows 10 is a step forward.

    Windows 10sion: what's old is new again, and that's a problem

    There was never really any doubt that the next version of Windows was going to look at least a little like Windows 7. Even Windows 8.1 was a step back in that direction for Microsoft, bringing back the Start button that so many millions of customers missed. But for all the time Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore spent on stage today explaining the enormity of change in Windows 10 they skipped a version number to prove the point there's no obscuring the blindingly obvious truth.
    Windows 10 is Windows 7.

    ...If that's all Microsoft has up its sleeve, that's a problem. If it allows its most resistive customers to slow its pace of innovation, Microsoft will essentially back itself into a corner from which it will have no choice but to watch its competitors race past it toward the next device type or the next interaction method.
    Windows 10sion: what'''s old is new again, and that'''s a problem | The Verge
    PaulGo's Avatar Posted By: PaulGo
    30 Sep 2014

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    The biggest thing I learned from that article, is that some writers have nothing important to write about. Are there going to be elements of a previous OS in the new version? Of course, there never has been one that didn't. Are there going to be newer things in a new OS? Well, I certainly hope so. Is it so wrong to take an OS like Windows 7, which has been the best OS Microsoft ever made, and say we want to keep many things much like it was in 7, but lets make some improvements and make it better and faster? While we are at it, why don't we add, as an option, to incorporate some newer things that went over real well in Windows 8/8.1. We may even take a few things that work well in a Linux world, and incorporate them. That sounds like an interesting OS to me.

    Let's just wait and see if the new Windows 10 is a worthy successor to the tried and proven Windows 7 before we throw Microsoft under the Bus. That seems to be the latest fad, let's throw Microsoft under the Bus before we ever see what they come out with. Yes, I've seen and heard some things about Windows 10 I wasn't real happy about. I've also seen some things about it that sound very interesting. So, before the writers attempt to throw Microsoft out with the dirty bath water, Why not tell the writers to shut the heck up, at least until we have had some real hands on time with it and have seen first hand what it's really like.
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    Well said Steve.
    I prefer the 8.1 Start Screen to the 7 Start Menu but will see how this new one works out before I form an opinion.
    I read that there would be an option to chose but I will have to wait a week to see. I am heading to Texas tomorrow and won't be able to install the preview until I get back.

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    If it makes it easier for people to learn then, I'm all for it.

    I'll have a better view when I install the preview, if we even
    get the chance to download. I imagine their servers will be
    quite busy to the point of overload.
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    I'm always amazed at how people confuse the OS and the UI. All these discussions about how the OS looks like are just talking about the UI. And that's the most irrelevant part, although it is what you see. I'll be the first to say that eye candy is important, but it doesn't define the OS.
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    Sort of doesn't matter, MS will call it what they like. As long as it works I guess? :)
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    Windows 10 Insider (fast ring)

    (cr)Apple didn't make it, so iVerge isn't going to say nice things about it.

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    From the little I have seen this is going to be a game changer! And we are only at the beginning of Windows 10. I am now excited like I was with 7.
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    Win 8.1

    I am sure with windows 10 people will love Microsoft more
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    elhassan said:
    I am sure with windows 10 people will love Microsoft more
    Don't bet on that. No matter what MS does there will always be haters. It's in the nature of some to simply hate for the sake of hating. It's a hobby of theirs. Don't take them to serious.. it's not their fault.. they born that way.
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