We’ve gotta hand it to Microsoft for all the recent changes we’ve seen. Surely some haven’t been all popular when it comes to the mobile space, but the company’s aggressiveness in the software department is clearly something never seen before. Microsoft Research has also been at it with a ton of cool new concepts, and today we see another.

Microsoft Research Applied Sciences Group has just shown off a new e-ink based “DisplayCover” concept for the Surface. It envisions giving users the option of a secondary display to assist in multi-tasking and productivity. Given the limited display size of the Surface, this allows you to edit an image on the display, and get the ink controls in the secondary e-ink display. Another case would be to allow users to take a Skype phone call, make it full screen, and have options for email in the secondary display.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen companies play with the concept of secondary displays. Let’s just hope this keyboard makes it to prime time some day.
Source with video: Microsoft Research shows off e-ink concept | Pocketnow