Hi folks

Not sure why Office needs so many "updates" or whatever. I'm using Office 2021 LTSC -- and from an Office package surely that's the important bit LTSC - Long Term Support etc etc. I got that from a Work client - otherwise I'd still be satisfied with Office 2010 since that also still runs perfectly on both W10 and W11 systems.

In fact most of what I do still works 100% with Office 2010 !! - only in "Collaboration" type stuff e.g Ms Teams etc which probably a lot don't need or use is there any significant difference and some EXCEL features e.g in handling pivot tables have improved (but could still be done in Office 2010).

Even the "Security" features are of less importance these days as the base OS itself gets much more secure - so the chances of "An Application Program" getting in to introduce malware or other malevolent features into the OS kernel is really extremely limited whatever version of Office one uses.