Windows 10 Home and Pro End of Support on October 14, 2025

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    jimbo45 said:
    Hi there

    I believe it's already pencilled in as to be called Windows/365. !!!

    If Windows becomes subscription - I'll just keep running stuff on Virtual Machines -- still running some old legacy apps on an XP Virtual Machine - and for email even OUTLOOK EXPRESS on XP still works !!!!!! although OFFICE 2010 is fine (or even OFFICE 2007).

    XP image running on Linux Host

    Attachment 336831

    No chance.
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    Windows 10 Home 20H2

    What OS should we use after 2025? Linux? UOS?
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    ish4d0w said:
    That's weird. They said windows 10 is a service and that it would be the last windows, being upgraded forever.

    I guess, change of plans?
    I donít know whatís happening either.
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  4. cereberus's Avatar
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    All this pointless speculation about if it will be called w10, w11 etc. Its just a label.

    Also, wby would MS ever intoduce a pay monthly OS. They already have that in Enterprise in effect fir their real cash cows.

    The take up of w10 was slower than expected even when free.

    It is 100% certain, only a tiny minority of Windows users will move to a subscription basis. The only logical paid model that could possibly suceed is that used by many major software comanies i.e. the base version is free, but if you want premium features yiu have to pay for them.

    It could even be a shopping list of premium features. I prefer the Macrium Refle r model, where premium features are a one-off versions.

    Having said that I do pay the office 365 licence as that is an essential tool for me and I consider the cost benefit is worth it.

    I cannot see I would ever agree to paying for premium OS features unless really spectacular in terms of productivity. I use HyperV a lot but if I had to pay a subscription, I would not bother and use vmware instead for free.

    PAn OS is just a means to run applications - nothing more. It is the applications that make an OS valuable.

    The truth is the kiddiwinks in MS have lost the plot and new version will jisy be cosmetic flim flam mostly.

    I for one cannot get emotive about emoticons or such iconic developments of new icons.

    What do we really want out of a new OS?
    If one charts the ro
    rise of features on Windows, tge rate of new features is slowing down because of tbe complete lack of inagination of the management of development teams. I put the blame fully on Dona who dumbed down things, and now all we see are yes men and women. Where are the true visionaries?

    In my opinion, Windows development is now headin to a cul-de-sac.

    Eventually (100% certain), technology will evolve and a radical new approach to OSs will be needed. I bet yhe exciting new announcement will be on the level of saying Dulux have invented a new colour of paint.

    Let's be honest - 90+% of donestic users barely know how to run Windows 10 in antything more than a click and point manner i.e. they really do not care. Indeed most would never have moved from Windows 7 if it was not for the fact, W10 waa free, and only w10 was available on new PCs. Hell, the 10S experiment was a joke.

    I think the majors like HP, Dell, Lenevo will kick back on being forced to sell pcs with w11 or whatever, when tbet realise people will not accept a subsription OS.

    Do not underestimate publiv opion. Public opinion killed Windows 8.

    Hell, the best example of publi opinion killing an idea happened very recently when top football clubs in Europe announced they were going to form a breakway European league (basically a closed shop). The whole of Europe erupted and the major clubs were forced into a truly embarrasing climbdown withdrawing fron new league in less that 48 hours. Not only that, the English clibs have agreed to pay £25 million to help develop grass roots activities in football as an apology.

    So if MS introduce a monthly fee, it will probably a spectacular own goal and shares will plummet, wiping far more of the value that the benefit.

    BP lost something like a third of its value due to Macondo, which was orders of magnitude more than tbe cleanup cost.

    History is littered with spectavular own goals e.g. Cadbury's introduced the new and improved chocalate Mars Bar. Sales plummeted and within one month the iriginal was back on sale.

    The Sugar industry in UK made out there was a shortage to get people to stock up as they had major stockpiles. People panic bought clearing the stockpile but the spectacular own goal was whilst there was a shortage many had reduced their sugar usuage e.g. drinking tea and coffee (probably biggest use ar home)without sugar. Most found they actually preferred it that way. Sugar sales never reverted to the original levels.
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    Windows 10 Pro v21H1 x64 (19043.1052), Linux (LiveUSB)

    This video is a 11 minutes long.
    but I don't know if this is related about Windows 11.

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    Hi folks
    2025 is almost a geological age away in the area of technology - a lot can happen in 4 to 5 years. Politically as well -- will there even BE a Global Ms in the form that we know it these days as global economies are looking nervously at these (current) world wide mega corporations e.g AMAZON, MS, APPLE, SAP, ALIBABA etc. who often have more money and influence than most countries outside the G10. Mind you once Politicians get involved then "All bets are off" as you can be sure that they will hose things up big time.

    Even the need for mainstream I.T admins at businesses big and small is going the way of the DODO as more companies big and small transfer all the I.T heavy gear lifting stuff to Cloud servers (although that itself has perils as the recent large outage showed) .

    Windows on a chip (Windows iot type of thing ?? ) could be a decent future for around 70 - 80 % of windows users who just use a computer for surfing, emailing, odd office document and multi-media stuff. The Chromebook was a step in that direction but probably too early and too limited in functionality - but updating to todays technology could really work for zillions of people world wide -- also harder to hack, and software not so easily piratable.

    For the rest some sort of "half way house" between the really decent efficient W2K19 Server (LTSC version) and the current W10 pro with more customiseable GUI's and a flexible kernel rather like Linux . Networking that 100% works straight OOB built in and the ability to connect user hardware, games, applications etc.

    In fact with the current performance of modern hardware you could provide Windows as a "Meta language" or to be run as an Interpreter which would then work on any platform and could be "compiled" for individual PC's or whatever hardware they were using.

    SAP with its ABAP interpreter runs huge multi user projects in this sort of fashion and performance can be (if the databases are properly designed) extremely good on typical production hardware.

    But don't worry - your hardware won't suddenly stop operating in 2025. !!! I'm sure we've got loads of interesting developments to come.

    As far as Windows reaching the end of the road you might just as well say that about OFFICE -- apart from the odd improvement in Pivot Table handling in EXCEL what real advances have been made since OFFICE 2010 appeared - and I'll bet even fewer actually use them !!!! Even the email (OUTLOOK) has the same "Look and Feel" to the old OUTLOOK EXPRESS provided within the OS until XP ended quite a few years ago.

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    SIW2 said:
    Hopefully will be able to free "upgrade" from win10 to whatever is next. And presumably they will do the earlybird offer which iirc was £25 for 7pro, £30 for 8Pro and £39.99 for 10pro. That last deal was through outlets like computeractive and only ended a couple of months ago.
    You can still upgrade to 10 for free with a qualifying version of 7/8

    Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 for Free
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    Matthew Wai said:
    What OS should we use after 2025? Linux? UOS?
    Microsoft What Every They Decide to Name it.
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    ish4d0w said:
    That's weird. They said windows 10 is a service and that it would be the last windows, being upgraded forever.

    I guess, change of plans?
    They also said that they were not going to change Windows 8. It is what it is and no matter what it wasn't going to change. Then came the big shock, Windows 8.1.
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  10. alphanumeric's Avatar
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    Winuser said:
    They also said that they were not going to change Windows 8. It is what it is and no matter what it wasn't going to change. Then came the big shock, Windows 8.1.
    Along those lines, Windows 98 Second Edition also comes to mind.

    If they were going to be true to their word, and Windows 10 is to be the last version of "Windows"? The new release will not have Windows in its title. Somehow I don't see that happening.
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