IE 12 UI overhaul is a blend of Chrome and Firefox

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    IE 12 UI overhaul is a blend of Chrome and Firefox

    IE 12 UI overhaul is a blend of Chrome and Firefox

    Posted: 11 Sep 2014

    Microsoft is always looking for ways to improve its browser and with growing pressure from Google Chrome and Firefox, there is no time to waste when it comes to pushing out new features. And to no surprise, Microsoft has big plans for its next major update to Internet Explorer, which will arrive with Windows Threshold.
    Before we go too far, we are not sure if this new browser build will show up in the technical preview that is expected at the end of this month. Microsoft has many new features in the works for Internet Explorer 12, but it is still up in the air as to whether or not this new browser will make into the Windows preview. Indeed, as you can see in the leaked shots of build 9384 of Windows 9 that came out earlier, the new IE is not present there either.
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    z3r010's Avatar Posted By: z3r010
    11 Sep 2014

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    windows 8.1 pro with media centre

    make it easier to turn stuff off and on.
    don't keep nagging me about disabling add ons.
    give me the ability to lock the set home page (this goes out to all my family members that don't look at what they install and end up with a crapware homepage)
    a built in vpn/proxy..
    a tick box when ie first starts that says "i want ie and please don't send me that crappy choose your browser update"...............ever.
    a button to turn web pages black and white for all those annoying users that think yellow text on a red background looks cool.
    a kill a fluffy animal button for eveytime i am asked to install taptalk
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    Windows 10 10586

    I want to know it it's WinRT or Win32 or both that is getting the overhaul.

    Or will it even matter in 9?...
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    Windows 10 LTSC

    I'm staying with FireFox no matter what, I don't like IE too much :S
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    Windows 10 Home x64

    I've never have been a fan of IE from the start and I've used other browsers most if not all of the time. Currently I use Firefox/Palemoon as my default and that meats my need quite well. Oh and I found that Ice-Dragon is a rather nice browser that I like to use as well.

    I would use IE if it were more like one of the others I mentioned.. but for now I'll wait and see what MS comes up with for IE12.
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    Windows 10

    I'm a Pale Moonie....
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    Windows 10

    Never used to be a fan of IE until I got windows 8, but I have now moved over to fully using it and it is very nice nowadays, especially if you have another MS device as all your favourites stay in sync

    Used to be fully on Chrome, but for me it started to be a RAM hog and wasn't fond of the recent changes made by Google, not used FF for about 5 years or more so don't know what this offers

    I could possibly imagine a metro style IE only (for win 9), as apps will run on the desktop, but not sure if I like this idea

    See what happens, but I find the UI quite nice as it is
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    Windows 10 IoT

    Coke Robot said:
    I want to know it it's WinRT or Win32 or both that is getting the overhaul.

    Or will it even matter in 9?...
    Are they talking about the Metro version or the Desktop version? I use IE just not the Metro version.
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    3-Win-7Prox64 3-Win10Prox64 3-LinuxMint20.2

    From what I've read Firefox is Chrome,
    I haven't looked at the customization in Firefox so I can't comment on that end I personally haven't used Firefox or Chrome in a couple of years wasn't all that impressed then with either,

    We are talking about a browser so as long as it loads a page fast and plays a video when you want it to then it's done it's basic job,

    People get so freaky with browser add-ons it's really weird :)

    ie12 :/ if it follows the same bland look of windows 8 and 11/ Chrome or what I've seen of Firefox I'll say it's a joke,
    This bland gray nonsense has to freaking stop,
    Possibly aero glass will help that a little but who said bland gray was in anyway a style or attractive
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    Windows 10 Pro For Workstations

    Ah IE. I use it twice per OS, once to download Avast or MSE and the second time to download Firefox. Google Chrome gets added with Avast usually. Firefox becomes the default. IE is left on there for emergencies but that is it.
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