Windows 10 Insider Preview Dev Build 21376.1 (co_release) - May 6 Insider

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    Windows 10 Professional (x64) Version 2004 (build 21292.1010)

    Winuser said:
    I noticed today that my two equalizer programs don't work on this build. Changing the settings has no effect on the sound.

    Edit: I did a couple of restarts and the Realtek equalizer is working. I'll check Peace (Equalizer APO) later.
    I had some sound and graphics issues with it. It's cumbersome, and just plain annoying, but what're you gonna do?
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    Windows Insider Fast Ring LatestKUuuntu 20.10

    djbillyd said:
    I had some sound and graphics issues with it. It's cumbersome, and just plain annoying, but what're you gonna do?
    Dual boot with Linux?
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    Windows Insider Fast Ring LatestKUuuntu 20.10

    djbillyd said:
    I did click on it, and selected the "update" option. It did take me to optional driver updates, particularly, my graphics. I'm still not comfortable with whatever it is claiming to discredit the version of Windows, to suggest that I need to update "Windows 10", which it says will no longer be supported, unless it's updated. That is a misnomer and to me, a threat. I wish MS well in trying to eliminate this issue. It's uncomfortable.
    You may or may not have noticed but Microsoft is getting more insistent on "activating" the OS. Fortunately, this has become easy, even if you don't have an activation key. While only tried in a VM if you just got to Settings --> Update and Security --> Activation --> Changed hardwardware recently? --> then choose the version of Windows it presents you by default, login using a Windows ID and it should be activiated. Don't blame me if this doesn't work for you.
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    Windows Insider Fast Ring LatestKUuuntu 20.10

    I'm installing Gnome 40 on as many linux VMs as I can - it's a project. Also trying to update kernel to at least 5.12 (5.13rc1 is current). Keeps me busy. I'll need to do a few program installs to get UUPDUMP to work on Linux - I just moved to Rawhide on Normal Fedora rather than Silverblue. Silverblue worked as advertised but just was not as easy to install programs. Cheers.
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    Windows Insider Fast Ring LatestKUuuntu 20.10

    After the next Insider Preview about the only thing I can do is to create a Hyper-V VM using a UUPDUMP ISO and play with REFS How to use Resilient File System (ReFS) on Windows 10 | Windows Central
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    Windows / Linux : Arch Linux

    Hi there

    Note if you have REFS formatted disks you can't directly share data with Linux NAS systems currently which seems a bit of a NO NO for a lot of us.

    I'd avoid even THINKING about any system that relies on using Windows Storage spaces on Home type systems --I've had more than my fair share of those getting hideously broken in the past -- by all means play around with VHDX (virtual disks) but Storage spaces --- no way.

    On Linux I've used the Software RAID program (mdadm) with RAID 0 -- OK people say it's risky but I haven't had a single RAID 0 array fail in over 4 years of running NAS systems 24/7 and the advantage is Disks can be different sizes so you can use all your disk space, it's mega fast too. I backup data from NAS to external devices regularly too --I'll bet there's a few here who probably regulary backup their systems and data to a NAS but forget a NAS can fail too so that data should also be backed up !!!! . If I have a RAID 0 failure I have backup -- the speed improvmenet is well worth it and for large music files yo don't have to split libraries over several disks. Also choice of file systems available - best currently are XFS and BTRFS. Both these I believe are more resilient than REFS.

    Windows does need a decent Kernel based Software RAID system that works far better than the current Storage spaces.
    @martyfelker - on Kernel 5.12.2 and KDE / Plama desktop 5.XX -- IMO better than GNOME 4 by far but again people's choice !!!!.

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    Windows 10 Pro Insider

    I'm surprised that MS hasn't released a fix for the end of service bug. Maybe it will be fixed in the next build.
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    windows 10

    downloaded and installed
    so far not had any problems
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    Windows Insider Fast Ring LatestKUuuntu 20.10

    Thanks for that advice @jimbo45. I'm not sure what possessed me to try Hyper-V again but I will follow the instruction in the link I posted after the next update. Of course, being mushrooms, we don't know but it seems that that the insider team has decided to release builds on Thursday rather than Weds. Who knows - we will see.

    BTW I have had no problems, with any Linux, using RAID 0 my VMs, both VMware and QEMU/KVM have been quite safe - at least since the kernel problem last year.
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    Windows 10

    Not sure where to put this so Bink can move it:

    I am on latest DEV and through WU :Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version Next for x64 (KB5003266)
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