Windows 9 Build 6.4.9829 Spotted Online

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    Windows 9 Build 6.4.9829 Spotted Online

    Windows 9 Build 6.4.9829 Spotted Online

    Posted: 01 Sep 2014

    Microsoft has already started work on Windows 9, and a preview build is expected to be launched later this month, during a press conference scheduled for September 30.

    As far as the software giant is concerned, only little is known at this point, but thanks to people close to the matter who have shared information on this project, we already know that this is going to be one of the biggest overhauls of Microsoft’s operating system, at least in terms of feature lineups.
    labeeman's Avatar Posted By: labeeman
    01 Sep 2014

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    Windows 11 Workstation x64

    Let's hope it gets out in the wild so we can all have a play
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    z3r010 said:
    Let's hope it gets out in the wild so we can all have a play
    Yep I have an SSD waiting for it.
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    Can't wait to get first version installed!
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    Hurry up and wait?
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    labeeman said:
    Yep I have an SSD waiting for it.

    That makes two of us.
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    Three of us.
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    Real curious
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    Considering all we've heard about Threshold up until now, I'm keeping my hopes low. These early builds are probably not going to look any different than the famous screenshot of the start menu and windowed modern apps.

    What really piques my curiosity is the rumored taskbar overhaul in functionality. That's probably the biggest change I want to have a look at.
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    I belong to that really small minority who starting from Windows 3.11 have liked every new Windows version more than its predecessor (excluding Windows ME). The 95 was a huge step into the future from previous versions, again moving to XP from Win 2000 was like a new world. The way Vista changed the Windows concept really fascinated me, I never had any issues with Vista and grew to like it.

    Then came Seven and I was almost literally in love with it. I loved Windows 8 from first betas I tested, the 8.1 surprised me because I did not except Microsoft to make the fantastic 8 so soon after original release even better. But they did, 8.1 alone was super, a dream OS for me, and the Update 1 fine tuned it to that marvelous, flexible, easy to use OS it is today.

    Since Vista I have started to use new Windows versions long before they have been published, making the beta or preview version to my main OS before the official release date.

    I simply have no choice; I am a Windows enthusiast, I have nothing against being called a Microsoft Fan Boy. I simply have to install Threshold as soon as it is possible. Not because I feel I always need to have the latest but rather because I have no patience to wait the official release in order to test and see myself what other geeks have been discussing and what I have read. I also take some pride in "participating", with all Microsoft products I have always allowed every possible "Call Home" function, joined every possible Customer Experience program to allow my computer to automatically send statistics, crash reports and such to MS. It's a long shot but my beta version of a new Windows crashing and crash report being sent "home" might help MS to fix a bug.

    I am ready for new Windows.

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