Windows 10 Adoption Already Slowing Down

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    Windows 10 Pro

    I am one of those with a laptop that I upgraded from win7 to Win10 and it went smooth. But wife was only playing a few facebook games and it got so bad with freezing that she wanted me to revert back to Win7. I did that 2 days ago (reverted back without a glitch) and she has not had a problem with anything since. I guess Windows 10 is still full of bugs for some systems. I am sure I will upgrade the laptop at a later date to see if those bugs are fixed.

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    Windows 10 IoT

    Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' Into the future
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    Win 7, Win 10, Mac 10.8.5

    It's all about marketing. Windows 10 had to get out now. The school year is just about to start all over the western world and Christmas is right around the corner. If Microsoft released later it would have missed a huge opportunity. That being said, and despite it's rigourous pre-release mass testing campaign (which I suspect consisted largely of techies with high-grade hardware), it is still buggy. To be fair, the Windows platform is unique in that it attempts to work on hundreds - if not thousands - of hardware configurations (something its chief rival wouldn't dream of). The fact that it is so successful speaks for the tremendous work behind it.
    So okay, I'm no fan but I give credit where credit is due, and I have my own frustration with incompatible devices and drivers but I think now that the average home and student users are booting up Windows 10, and the complaints start pouring in, we can expect lots of tweaks and updates soon.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro Media Center 64 bit

    Milone said:
    That being said, and despite it's rigourous pre-release mass testing campaign (which I suspect consisted largely of techies with high-grade hardware)
    I did some testing on very basic hardware, I even put it on a flash drive as a "windows to go" just to see if it works. I'm no computer expert, I just like playing with these things. I have upgraded one old machine but the main desk top and laptop machines won't get upgraded from W8.1 as there is no Media Centre in W10. I use Media Centre for watching TV and there is no comparable alternative.
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    Windows 7 , 8.1 and Mint

    Overall 10 is a good OS and definitely there is welcome changes like new mouse friendly user interface, integration of search in to Desktop etc. Only thing i don't like about 10 is the ugly icons - even though it can be changed manually.
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    Hi there

    Wishing 'n Hoping !!!!

    Dusty Springfield - Wishin - YouTube

    @Indianatone --I remember this too (Skip the add though).

    R Dean Taylor - Indiana Wants Me 1970 - YouTube

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    Windows 10 Pro (Build 19043.1110)

    jimbo45 said:
    Hi there

    Wishing 'n Hoping !!!!

    Dusty Springfield - Wishin - YouTube

    @Indianatone --I remember this too (Skip the add though).

    R Dean Taylor - Indiana Wants Me 1970 - YouTube

    Wow! That Dusty Springfield song brings back ancient memories...
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    Windows 8.1, Win10Pro

    sgage said:
    Notice the totally missing 4th personality type - those who try it and dogfood it for 9 solid months trying to like it and make it work, submitting feedback to MS and participating in the forums, and find that the benefits just don't outweigh the change.
    Very well said -- describe my personality type exactly!

    The notion that anyone who isn't 100% *woot!* on board 'hates change', or is 'afraid of change' is, I am afraid, rather obnoxious bullsh*T.
    It's also demeaning and insulting -- and totally uncalled for. It is OK to NOT like something -- whether that is new or old.
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    Win 10 64bit

    Berton said:
    I went from Win8.1 on 2 Notebooks to Win10 Home, no problem except needing updated drivers for Bluetooth, both available on Dell's site. I Upgraded a Win7 w/SP1 on a Desktop to Win10 Home, no issue at all. I probably will Upgrade another Win7 later on after I determine I no longer need a couple of programs that won't work on Win10 and replacements are typically being slow in coming around.
    I was very encouraged to see your post. We have 2 Dell Inspiron 15 3521 laptops, and are holding back from the upgrade, in part due to seeing how many people have had problems upgrading Dells (ref: posts on the Dell forum). It seems Dell haven't been that helpful either, though someone on here commented that the upgrade constitutes a change in OS so an OEM supplier may choose not to support it as it isn't the original OS that the machine was purchased with.

    Anyway, we're still going to wait for a while until early bugs are dealt with, and I will continue to enjoy my W10 Insider Preview on VM.

    But good to hear of successfully upgraded Dells
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    Windows 10 IoT

    I noticed my Windows 7 OEM install became Windows 10 Pro Retail. My theory, and that's all it is really. Is that once you do the Upgrade to Windows 10, the OEM is no longer obligated to help you with issues as a result on the free upgrade. You took it upon yourself to do the upgrade so why should they be left holding the bag if it goes wrong. I'm not saying they won't help you, some might, some might not and just tell you to contact Microsoft. It's their prerogative. The switch to Retail for me, tells me, I now call Microsoft for tech support. Non of the PC's/laptops I've upgraded have Windows 10 drivers listed in their OEM downloads support section. I'm on my own. The only Windows 10 drivers I've gotten are via Windows update. So far so good, no real issues for me as far as that goes. If the OEM wants to maintain good public relations, they will likely try to help you sort out issues. There may not be much they can do. It likely depends on how old your hardware is. If its fairly old I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for updated drivers and Utilities from the OEM. From what I've seen, they update the latest and greatest first, then slowly work back to older models. They may not go back very far either. Especially if the model is no longer in production. As always, YMMV.
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