Windows 10 Adoption Already Slowing Down

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    Windows 10 x64 Pro 21H2

    Windows10users said:
    I understand that windows want to better the user experience and they are collecting Information for Cortana and all. But I have Experience in Speeding up of my System after turning off everything in Settings > Privacy.

    Now my system with 4gb RAM works and Boots much better.
    Normally, that saves a lot of system resources as well... if I have to confess, Cortana suffers the same as Google now in my Android phone, they are completely useless for me, and resource hogs...
    Microsoft needs to tweak that, even if they collect data or not, slowing down a 4GB system is a crime, lower end systems (2 GB) could suffer even worse in that case (forget about mobile systems, it's suicide... XD)
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    Windows 11 (22581.100)

    profdlp said:
    If someone came over at night and was peeping in my window I would be mad at them. It would not make me feel better for them to tell me that they would have stopped doing it had I asked them to. There is a pretty fair industry built around eliminating spyware. Now it's suddenly alright if Microsoft does it?
    Yes, that's a fair point
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    windows 7

    i see no difference between 10 and 7 only the start menu,thats it.
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    There's a lot of telemetry but I have yet to be convinced that the info being collected - with personal info settings turned off - if fact has any personal info.
    I have only seen one report where someone 'network sniffed' some unencrypted data that was transmitted to a MS server, but that was completely innocuous.
    There is still much to discover, however.
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    Windows 10 pro

    musky said:
    i see no difference between 10 and 7 only the start menu,thats it.
    Except MS Edge May be ?
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  6. him
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    I'm not a technical expert, but I read that the source code of Win 10 is well optimized so now it runs closer to the processor. And that will help it run smoothly over older hardware as well. And it will obviously make it faster.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    I don't worry about software from large legitimate companies like Microsoft or Google.

    It's interesting that no one has mentioned phone apps. Pretty much anyone can post a phone app and people load those without a second thought. Now there is a LARGE security hole. Phone apps have proven to have been spying and collecting info and even identity theft. Why does a calculator phone app need to access your e-mail list, etc. Want to worry about privacy issues? Concentrate on your phone. There is real security and privacy issue.
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    windows 8.1

    I switched on only one of my computers. Once I found I was able to install Windows Mail (from VISTA) and the games (from VISTA, & 7) I am satisfied I can figure out anything else.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    Seems every large corporation is building a bigger and bigger pyramid that moves from bottom to top (trickle up). I think we all know who is at the bottom and who is at the top. Just the way it is in today'e world. With 7 Billion people spending money it sure can make some very, very wealthy.

    Sorry for my little social/political rant. :)
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    Win10 x64 Pro - 2 desktops, 2 laptops

    linw said:
    ... This exercise shows up three main personality types where change is concerned. There are those who want to jump on board a new product and work like beavers to get it right, there are those who may try it but look for any excuse to justify their original predisposition to stay where they are, and there are those who just won't try anything new unless forced.
    That hardly covers the universe of Windows users. I'm actually eager to try Win10, but any new software is buggy. Microsoft has now passed Win10 on to its gamma test team (sometimes referred to as "customers"). I figure Win10 will be in pretty good shape in a month or two. I was even intending to become part of that test team with one of my PCs, but some of the recent problems with maintenance as convinced me to hold off a bit. (I know that not all users got caught in a rebooting install loop, but I never heard, or didn't understand, the cause.)
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