Desktop PCs and the Windows desktop: Endangered species?  

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    Win10Pro_x64 20H2

    My first was a Nortstar 1980, or I believe it was a 1980...
    Had a HUGE floppy at the side, not even a HD... heh...
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    Xogroroth said:
    My first was a Nortstar 1980, or I believe it was a 1980...
    Had a HUGE floppy at the side, not even a HD... heh...
    Yeah, we saved everything onto an 8" floppy disk! Hard drives in that era were around 5 MB or smaller. And . . . around $200.00!
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    Win10Pro_x64 20H2

    Yeah, in 1986 I had this Amiga 500 with a PC board, to run both Amiga and PC...
    It had a 40MB HD.
    Friends asked me if I was insane: "You cannot EVER fill that thing up." they said.
    Now, a decent photo is that size, lol
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    Xogroroth said:
    Want a bigger HD? Swap it out or add one.
    Better video card? Try that one in a floptop or a "device" heh....
    In a desktop, YOU are the master.
    Well, actually you CAN, with this one.

    It's by no means quick or easy, but it's doable.

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    Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1023

    Wenda said:
    Well, actually you CAN, with this one.

    It's by no means quick or easy, but it's doable.

    Normally I don't do laptops, but I had a laptop in for repair once and found a large burn in the center of the mobo. Owner told me to keep it, so I decided to see what I could do with it. Eensy teensy screws by the gazillions!

    I can add RAM, add a hard drive, even a DVD drive, but forget the rest of it!
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    exanimo said:
    Until there are super cooling systems for small factor machines , desktop computers will stay. Also touch screen , motion capture or any other control interface that we might create will hardly beat the precision of a mouse. Not to worry about the desktop mouse + keyboard .. will stay much longer.

    my 2 cents
    An all-ones-desktop does pretty good on noise-my experience. All-One-desktops also have a higher temperature threshold then other desktops according to the specs. Not sure if it has a lower temperature threshold as well. They cool fine. All-one-desktop is like a cross between a laptop and a desktop.
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    Win10Pro_x64 20H2

    It actually depends on the case.
    Many use this normal towerlike case, I do not: I run a cube case.
    The system is on the left side, has it's own cooling, the DVD, HD and card-reader are on the right side, also with it's own cooling.
    Yes it takes more room, but the additional space, and cooling form is beyond anything else...
    Right now I have 4x4tb storage drives, a 500MB system drive, my virtual memory is on one of the 4TB drives (a separate 126MB partition), 2 DVD stations, a card reader... and STILL room for 5 more drive type items....
    The system side can take ANY motherboard with ANY vid card system (sizewise).
    Cube case rules...
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    Hi there

    Whether a Classical desktop or a laptop / convertible the keyboard / mouse / "Desktop" type applications aren't going away.

    While obviously mobile phones and "Slabs / Slates" have changed the way people interact with the Internet the public's love affair with tablets is definitely on the wane.

    There are just so many things you can do where you need a sensible computer to perform the tasks.

    Example - In Iceland there's some pretty detailed Volcanic activity monitoring taking place --remember the total chaos to flying that happened when in 2010 Eyjafjallajökull erupted.

    You need a decently rugged PC with some quite sophisticated hardware when people are out in the field. Some of the Maths calculations need a LOT of serious processing time too whether these are done on site or "Back at Base" on a bigger multi-processor machine.

    Also nobody can tell me that editing and manipulating great chunks of text can be done easily without a mouse -- and try and do ANY video editing on a Slab. !!

    The PC is NOT an endangered species -- a lot of people who had PC's in the past probably didn't need them -- however the PC market HAS stabilised and if anything is showing a slight increase.

    @ Tablet lovers -- Try and run a Forum like this one on a tablet with even THREE users !!.

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    W10 Pro 64 bit

    New password?

    I have decided to use Eyjafjallajökull as my on-line banking password. Un-crackable...
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    Win10Pro_x64 20H2

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