New Windows Terminal Preview v1.2.2022.0 update for Windows 10 July 22  

    New Windows Terminal Preview v1.2.2022.0 update for Windows 10 July 22

    New Windows Terminal Preview v1.2.2022.0 update for Windows 10 July 22

    Last Updated: 22 Jul 2020 at 15:37

    • We're flighting very early support for a "command palette", which will provide quick access to every Terminal feature (#6635)
      • If you bind commandPalette (I recommend Ctrl+Shift+P), you can open a filterable list
        of every action Terminal can perform.
      • This is a great way to find "focus mode" and "always on top" mode! (see below)

    • We've added two window management features, "focus mode" and "always on top" (#6804) (#6903)
      • Focus mode removes the tab bar and caption buttons, and always on top mode always-on-tops the window.
      • Right now, they're accessible via the toggleFocusMode and toggleAlwaysOnTop action bindings. They are not bound to keys by default.

    • Terminal has learned to pop up warning dialogs about clipboard content (thanks @greg904!) (#6631)
      • Pasting content over 5 KiB in length will result in a confirmation dialog.
        • This can be disabled with the global setting largePasteWarning (boolean, default true)

      • Pasting content that contains newline characters will result in a confirmation dialog.
        • This can be disabled with the global setting multiLinePasteWarning (boolean, default true)

    • There is a handful of new action bindings, none of which are bound by default:
      • renameTab (activates the tab title text field) (thanks @ggadget6) (#6557)
      • toggleRetroEffect (#6691)
      • setTabColor and openTabColorPicker (#6567)

    • This version of Windows Terminal ships with Cascadia Code 2007.15.


    • The rowsToScroll setting has been removed (#6891).
      • It was added to work around precision touchpad scrolling issues, which we fixed correctly before 1.0
      • Terminal will now follow the system's "lines to scroll" setting.
      • In addition, it will no longer scroll backwards when the system setting is set to "one page at a time"

    • The terminal will no longer jump to the bottom when you're scrolled up or when you have a selection (#6062)
    • Holding down Shift while clicking has always expanded your selection. Now, however, you can take it two or three steps further by holding down Shift and double- or triple-clicking (#6322)
    • You can now double-click a tab to rename it (thanks @greg904!) (#6628)
    • wt will now accept shorthand nt, sp, ft versions of new-tab, split-pane, and focus-tab on the commandline (#6576)
    • Our window borders will now always be unobtrusive, even when your system theme is light (thanks @greg904!) (#6624)
    • The Solarized color schemes have been updated to fix "bright black" and "normal black" having been swapped (thanks @M-Pixel!) (#6985).
      • PowerShell's PSReadline prefers bright black to render command parameters, which rendered (!) them totally unreadable on Solarized Dark

    • We can now hot reload a bunch of renderer settings like the experimental retro terminal effect and the software rendering flag (#6551)


    • Thanks to @jtippet, Terminal's UI is now fives of times more accessible in high contrast mode (#6833) (#6910)
      • This includes beautiful new icons () (#6915)

    • Thanks again to @jtippet, our "new tab" button now looks much closer to the rest of the tab strip in shape and color (#6766) (#6812)
    • You can now start selections from the padding area (#6343)

    Terminal Basics

    • Color representation has been significantly improved (thanks @j4james!)
      • In the old days (read: before 1.2), Terminal would try to map colors coming out of applications to their
        nearest paletted color index. This was inherently lossy.
      • The pseudoconsole will now forward colors and styles emitted by applications with higher fidelity (#6506)
      • We've added heuristic detection for applications using the traditional Win32 console API to set "defaulted" background/foreground colors (#6698)

      • This required us to break and then somewhat fix DECSCNM (full screen inversion) (#6809)

    • We can now render additional graphical attributes (thanks @j4james!)
      • SGR 4, "faint" (#6873)
        • Faint text will be rendered at roughly half intensity.

      • SGR 8, "concealed" (#6907)
        • Concealed text will not be visible, but it will be copyable to the clipboard and read out by screen readers.

      • SGR 53, "overline" (#6754)
        • It's like an underline, but not so much "under" as "over".

      • Care about SGRs a lot? Follow #6879 for yet more SGRs.

    • Commandline applications can now put text on the clipboard using OSC 52 (thanks @uzxmx!) (#5823)
    • Terminal (and conhost) will now be able to answer queries for further device attributes (DA2, DA3) (thanks @j4james!) (#6850)

    Bug Fixes

    • You can now run wt as an Administrator from the Run dialog with Ctrl+Shift+Enter (#6860)
      • This is a workaround for MSFT:25907286.
      • This change also fixes the issue where running wt from powershell would render your existing session inoperable.
        • App execution aliases aren't real executables, so they've got all sorts of fun caveats!

    • Precision touchpads have been reined in and will no longer dispatch untold many VT mouse events on scroll (#6843)
    • The hard reset sequence will now properly result in the entire terminal being reset (thanks @j4james!) (#6763)
    • Terminal should no longer crash when you read its contents with Narrator's "scan mode" (#6447)


    • We've made a good number of behind-the-scenes performance improvements:
      • "Improved ATTR_ROW::ReplaceAttrs performance" (thanks @lhecker!) (#6573)
      • "Improve bitmap::_calculateArea performance" (thanks @lhecker!) (#6572)
      • "Recycle assorted rendering components to accelerate drawing" (#6483)
      • "Restore simple text runs, correct for crashes" (#6695)
      • "Avoid copying the bitmap on the way into the tracing function" (#6839)
      • "Cache VT buffer line string to avoid (de)alloc on every paint" (#6840)
      • "Cache the size viewport structure inside TextBuffer" (#6841)
      • "Cache the viewport to make invalidation faster" (#6918)


    Microsoft Store:

    See also: New Windows Terminal v1.1.2021.0 released for Windows 10 - July 22

    Brink's Avatar Posted By: Brink
    22 Jul 2020


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