Windows 9 Preview to Launch This Year, New Activation System in the Works Rumor

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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    I'll do an Acronis backup then give it a try.

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    There is no problem with the 2 separate accounts.
    One Live Account, one Local Account or 50 each. Doesn't matter.
    The reason for the Live ID Account is for synch across devices and Apps purchasing
    Also, accessing email, onedrive and other services easier, without having to log in 50 million times.
    However, you can still just use your Local Account and login to the store with your Live ID and still install them.
    Even if you bought them once before.
    It's all tied to the Live ID.

    Logging in with the Live ID has many advantages. And not many disadvantages.
    In fact, I don't really know of any disadvantages.

    When I login and change something, (background, accent color, passwords, etc.)
    I don't have to go to my other system and do it all over again, it's synched and done.
    It's not only for restore purposes.

    I buy and app or install a free one on my desktop,
    I got to my tablet and log in, on the start screen there is the tile with a down arrow
    tap the tile, downloaded, installed and done. I don't waste time going out searching for it again.

    The future is now, it's not coming, it's here.
    If you are really trying to stay off the grid, don't connect any pc to the internet ever.
    Doesn't matter if it is Linux or not. Once you connect and start using it, your out there, regardless.

    MS is so under a microscope it is not even funny, still to this day. Far more than Google or Apple ever has been.
    Want to talk about infringements? Do you have a Facebook account? Use any Google Services?
    Please, MS doesn't hold a flickering candle to them.
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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    Sorry, thought I had updated this. I created a MS login which works fine, then enabled UAC at lowest level and was able to run Modern Apps and connect to the App Store.

    I don't understand why MS insists on UAC being enabled before Modern Apps or the App store can be used, but then I have not seen a single App that I want to use. I still don't like the Modern desktop or the flat, ugly tiles.

    As long as Ms continues to allow those of us who don't like the Modern stuff to use a normal Desktop and Start button then all is well. Take that away and I will not use that OS, ever.

    My tablet is a Lenovo running Android, my cell phone is a Start Trek Communicator. My Laptop runs Windows 8.1.1 but I don't want things in sync between it and my Desktop. I use them for different reasons so want the desktop and installed apps to be different as well.
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    Windows 10 IoT

    I think you know this but I'll mention it anyway. You can turn sync off completely or just parts of it. For example I don't sync my tile layout, appearance, or desktop personalization between my laptop and desktop PC. The screen sizes are different so my tiles will get shuffled each time I switch from one to the other. It took me a little while to figure out what was going on. You can also back up your settings for that device without syncing it to any other device. There is a lot of customization/choices in the sync settings. My laptop and desktop setup are distinctly different. Just something to think about.
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    jimbo45, post: 33898, member: 69 said:
    Hi there.

    What happens if I just want a SECURE system that runs locally with NO outside / internet connections at all -- OK I'll accept a ONE TIME activation but that's it --I don't want any Ms Id's or things like that.

    Some systems need to be TOTALLY SECURE and have no outside connections whatsoever - including email accounts etc. I have one where Data still has to be transferred via "FOOTNET" --i.e secure copy to a certified device, remove it and then mount on to another different server.

    Guess it's going to be Linux -- looking more and more likely these days.

    I have a lot of contracts that have secure Windows Boxes off the network (there are thousands of reasons for this, and many of you would be glad I am a supporter of keeping them this way). I hope MS does not forget about these machines (I hope MS is trolling these forums). We have had the hardest time getting these machines moved from Windows XP to Windows 7. I know we don't need a new nightmares of Windows 7 to Windows 9 and now there is no way to use it off networks. MS please, please, please remember the corp/enterprise world we need security, we need local accounts, etc. -WS
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    Tepid, post: 34142, member: 222 said:

    Logging in with the Live ID has many advantages. And not many disadvantages.
    In fact, I don't really know of any disadvantages.
    Disadvantages: No internet service, in an area with no service, in a foreign country with no service, secure machine (i.e. not connected to the internet, {medical information etc.}), password reset, issues with NIC (any wired or wireless) require local log in, repairs, viruses, etc. etc. etc. the list is huge on why Live ID is not a great way to solve the issue of settings, single logon etc. MS just needs to have options. Live ID for those that want it and can use it no Live ID for those that need security etc. -WS
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    Windows 10 IoT

    You can still log in with a Live ID with no Internet connection. I just unplugged my LAN cable ,rebooted, and had no issues or warnings when I logged in with my Live ID.
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    The RUMORS never said you can't have a local account. It just said you need a MS ID to activate Windows 9. It is just a RUMOR for now but does give us something to talk about. Don't you need internet access to activate Windows 7 & 8 ???

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    Hi there
    Can you set the Microsoft account to be like a "bog standard" user and keep your local account as an admin account --that way if you forget which account you are under you will get reminded if you try and perform an admin function when not using the local account.

    It's quite easy to forget which account you are using if you have more than one -- it really isn't that difficult to do !!!

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    Windows 10 IoT

    The options for account type are Standard and Administrator. Set your background color to RED for your admin account and you won't forget which account your using.
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