Powershell 7.1 preview 4 is released

    Powershell 7.1 preview 4 is released

    Powershell 7.1 preview 4 is released

    Last Updated: 26 Jun 2020 at 08:56


    Note: MSI installer packages have been removed due to #13035 till further investigation.

    Breaking Changes

    • Make the switch parameter -Qualifier not positional for Split-Path (#12960) (Thanks @yecril71pl!)
    • Resolve the working directory as literal path for Start-Process when it's not specified (#11946) (Thanks @NoMoreFood!)
    • Make -OutFile parameter in web cmdlets to work like -LiteralPath (#11701) (Thanks @iSazonov!)

    Engine Updates and Fixes

    • Ensure null-coalescing LHS is evaluated only once (#12667)
    • Fix path handling bug in PSTask (#12554) (Thanks @IISResetMe!)
    • Remove extra line before formatting group (#12163) (Thanks @iSazonov!)
    • Make module formatting not generate error with strict mode (#11943)
    • Adding more ETW logs to WSMan plugin (#12798) (Thanks @krishnayalavarthi!)
    • Restrict loading of amsi.dll to system32 folder (#12730)

    General Cmdlet Updates and Fixes

    • Fix NullReferenceException in CommandSearcher.GetNextCmdlet (#12659) (Thanks @powercode!)
    • Prevent NullReferenceException in Unix computer cmdlets with test hooks active (#12651) (Thanks @vexx32!)
    • Fix issue in Select-Object where Hashtable members (e.g. Keys) cannot be used with -Property or -ExpandProperty (#11097) (Thanks @vexx32!)
    • Fix conflicting shorthand switch -w for pwsh (#12945)
    • Rename the CimCmdlet resource file (#12955) (Thanks @iSazonov!)
    • Remove use of Test-Path in ConciseView (#12778)
    • Flag default switch statement condition clause as keyword (#10487) (Thanks @msftrncs!)
    • Add parameter SchemaFile to Test-Json cmdlet (#11934) (Thanks @beatcracker!)
    • Bring back Certificate provider parameters (#10622) (Thanks @iSazonov!)
    • Fix New-Item to create symbolic link to relative path target (#12797) (Thanks @iSazonov!)
    • Add CommandLine property to Process (#12288) (Thanks @iSazonov!)
    • Adds -MaskInput parameter to Read-Host (#10908) (Thanks @davinci26!)
    • Change CimCmdlets to use AliasAttribute (#12617) (Thanks @thlac!)

    Code Cleanup

    We thank the following contributors!
    @xtqqczze, @sethvs, @romero126, @kvprasoon, @powercode

    • Use correct isError parameter with Write-Log (#12989)
    • Disable NonPrivateReadonlyFieldsMustBeginWithUpperCaseLetter rule in StyleCop (#12855) (Thanks @xtqqczze!)
    • Add @TylerLeonhardt to PowerShell team list to correct changelog generation (#12927)
    • Enable the upload of ETW traces to CLR CAP in Windows daily build (#12890)
    • Prevent GitHub workflow for daily dotnet build updates from running in forks (#12763) (Thanks @bergmeister!)
    • Add GitHub action for PR creation and Wix file generation logic (#12748)

    Downloads from - https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerS....1.0-preview.4
    DooGie's Avatar Posted By: DooGie
    26 Jun 2020


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