New Windows Terminal Preview v1.1.1671.0 update for Windows 10 June 18

    New Windows Terminal Preview v1.1.1671.0 update for Windows 10 June 18

    New Windows Terminal Preview v1.1.1671.0 update for Windows 10 June 18

    Last Updated: 20 Jun 2020 at 16:02

    Preview has finally diverged from Stable! Rejoice!


    • Terminal can now pass raw modifier keys and other raw Windows input through to the connected application (#6309), bug fixes (#6431) (#6442) (#6461) (#6516) (#6517)
      • This enables a number of PSReadline key bindings and the modifier-hold behavior of FAR Manager, ZTreeWin, and tens of other applications that were using traditional Win32 input records.
      • COMPATIBILITY We have specified and implemented a new optional terminal input mode (specification)
        • Terminal emulators on Windows (VSCode, PuTTY, ...) can implement the feature as specified and produce full-fidelity Win32 input messages
        • Terminals that do not do so will not be impacted and should continue to function as normal.

    • You can now right-click on a directory and choose "Open Windows Terminal here"! (#6100)
      • However, due to a bug that's fixed in insider builds you can't do that from the "background" of that directory... (#6415)
        • We're hoping that once this bug fix is tested, we can get it out in earlier versions of Windows.

    • We've added a context menu that will appear when you right-click a tab!
      • You can now assign a color to a tab (thanks @gbaychev!) (#3789)
      • Tabs can now be renamed! (#5775)
        • Tab names override application titles and will be durable until cleared or closed.

    • You can now open a split pane from the menu by holding down Alt when you click it (#5928)


    • You can now specify the default profile by name (!) (#5706)
      • With this change, you no longer need to visit the GUID recycler to make a new profile. GUIDs are (pretty much) an implementation detail.

    • Terminal will no longer complain if you leave trailing commas in your "JSON" settings (#6312)
      • What even is JSON anymore?
      • Yes, we perhaps chose a poor configuration format given that we expected users to have to hand-edit it.

    • openSettings learned a new argument, target (per-binding, enum "defaultsFile", "settingsFile") (#6299)
      • target defaults to settingsFile
      • We've added a new default binding (finally) to open the defaults: Ctrl+Alt+,

    • You can now opt in to automatic startup with the startOnUserLogin setting (global, boolean, default false) (thanks @jelster!) (#4908)
      • The first time you toggle this to true, Terminal will ask again for your permission to become a startup task
      • If you're one of the 0% of people running terminal unpackaged, this won't work for you.

    • launchMode now supports "fullscreen" (#6060)
    • We've added support for a new tabWidthMode, "compact" (#5787)
      • When compact sizing is enabled, only the focused tab will display its title.

    • AltGr/Ctrl+Alt aliasing can now be toggled with the altGrAliasing setting (profile, boolean, default true) (thanks @lhecker!) (#6212)
      • We learned that while some people want Ctrl+Alt to act like AltGr, others don't. If you're one of the ones that doesn't: rejoice!

    • We now support fontWeight (profile, integer or enum, default "medium"/400) (#6048)

    Command-line invocation, wt.exe

    • Terminal can now be launched (through the wt execution alias) --fullscreen or --maximized (#6139)
    • new-tab and split-pane now support --title (which predictably overrides the application title) (#6296)
    • wt learned the --version argument (#5501)

    Terminal Basics
    • conhost (and therefore, to an extent, Terminal) is now a more faithful VT52 emulator (thanks @j4james!) (#4789)
      • We've added support for DECANM and a great number of VT52 input encodings.

    • conhost now supports 31 VT character sets (up from 2) and the DOCS sequence to switch to ISO-2022 mode (thanks @j4james!) (#4496)
      • There was also a persistent bug where tmux would occasionally Shift In/Shift Out for what appeared to be no reason, corrupting the display
        • Better support for character sets = better support for SI/SO = no more tmux graphical corruption!

    • You can now drag and drop snippets of text onto the Terminal and it'll do roughly what you'd expect (#5865)


    • Right-clicking the negative space between the tabs and the caption buttons will now open the system menu (#6443)
    • Windows Terminal (Preview) is now Windows Terminal Preview \_(ツ)_/ (#6418)

    • We've changed the internal representation for 256-color text (thanks @j4james!) (#5834)
      • COMPATIBILITY It is no longer possible to combine VT and the legacy console API to "brighten" text.
      • If you're going to brighten dark colors, do it with FOREGROUND_INTENSITY or go full-VT.

    • Color conversions (24-bit/256->16) are now more efficient but do not take into account the active palette (thanks @j4james!) (#6358)
      • It turns out that color conversion was utterly broken for ReadConsoleOutputAttribute and nobody ever noticed, but that's also fixed now too. I expect that of the 0 people who noticed it was broken, 100% of them will rejoice that it's been fixed.

    • The dispatching of SGR sequences has been improved (thanks @j4james!) (#5758)
    • Internal work is underway to support a "command palette" (#6351)

    Bug Fixes

    • The cursor will no longer obscure text, unless that text is the same color as the cursor (#6337)
      • Known issue: underlines are now drawn on top of the cursor. Follow #6499 for updates.

    • Text copied from the File Explorer's "Copy Address" option will now be pasteable (thanks @aldahick!) (#6146)
    • Win32-OpenSSH 7.7 is here to stay, so we decided to fix the issue that allowed it to break mouse input (#6485)
    • All tabs will now be created with a title so they stop looking so empty and vengeful (thanks @greg904!) (#6433)
    • The keen-eyed among you may have noticed that the 6x6x6 xterm color cube was totally horked. Thanks to @j4james, this egregious sin has been corrected (#5999)
    • Maximized terminal windows will finally put their tab strips right at the top of the screen. Unrelatedly, Paul Fitts called to let us know about this one weird law (#5881)
    • The maximize/restore button now more accurately tracks the state of the window (#5988)
    • Some of you thought it would be a good idea to close a tab while dragging it around. I couldn't figure out why you wanted to do that, but it will at least now not do something strange... (#5883)
    • Every time the window was resized, we'd lose track of another GDI handle. Now, we don't (#6229)
    • Our caption buttons now fade like everyone else's when you hover over them (thanks @AnuthaDev!) (#6303)


    I'm going to let these changelog entries speak for themselves, as they've done the problem better justice than I could:
    • (@skyline75489) "Skip glyph shaping analysis when the entire text is simple" (#6206)
    • (@greg904) "Add fast path to til::bitmap::translate using bitshifts" (#6493) (#6501)
    • (@greg904) "Reduce latency with DXGI 1.3 GetFrameLatencyWaitableObject" (#6435)
    • (@greg904) "Throttle scrollbar updates in TermControl to ~one per 8ms" (#4608)
    • "Improve perf by avoiding vector reallocation in renderer clusters and VT output graphics options" (#6420)

    Bug Fixes in conhost

    A number of bugs were fixed in the traditional Windows Console Host--you won't see them in Terminal, but they'll be coming soon to a Windows Insider Build near you.

    • Cursor visibility will be restored when you're done with your IME (thanks @j4james!) (#6207)
    • The IME will no longer draw lines (underlines, overlines, leftlines, etc.) incorrectly (#6223)
    • If you launch conhost through a shortcut without an icon, we'll now go digging to find one for you (thanks @malxau!) (#6277)


    See also:
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    18 Jun 2020


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