W7 is, by far, more usable and flexible than W8 or previous versions for desktop use. W8 stripped so many tools, for me I can't perform some of the simplest of tasks. W8 file manager is superior and metro is fine, but leaves me flat for theme management.

I believe the only thing W9 will bring, is a reduction in even more W7 tools, a higher integration of Bing and the cloud. I am not expecting much of W9 or Microsoft, they no longer want to sell performance, they want to sell advertising.

I still have W8.0 installed, I had to re-install it after my first upgrade to 8.1 (to many problems). Just yesterday I thought I will, try it again (upgrading) and installing the update. Half way through the download I chickened out and cancelled it, I thought to myself W8.0 does everything I need, so why change it (and it is closer to W7 than the 8.1 version).