Microsoft to Launch Free Version of Windows 9 – Rumor

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    Okay, now I'm confused, is cloud based good or bad?
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    Chuck38, post: 26553, member: 290 said:
    Okay, now I'm confused, is cloud based good or bad?
    Its like everything in the known universe ....... can be a good thing if used in the right, proper, ethical way ....... until greedy Enterprises with their bean counters get involved and turn it into a revenue sucking vacuum machine intending to make all consumers sell their houses and downgrade to a cardboard box under an highway overpass.

    If you think about it, there are not too many real reason to have your data in the cloud. The main thing it does is allows big corporate enterprises to control your data and thus you. It was intended to lighten the burden of mobile devices hardware and storage requirements but as technology increases, there is no reason you can't cary your own sudo cloud around on your keyring. These days we have flash drives that look exactly like keys that you can put on your keyring and are 32GB for a mere $20 and if you want to pay a little more there are 64GB versions. I can cary around all of my personal data, music I want to listen to, aside from every music file and video I own, along with several OS I can boot into that make anyone's PC look and act like my own personal pc .......... all on my keyring. This is all mobile and convenient since this data is always with me and I can send it to whatever device I want.
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    Its like everything in the known universe ......
    I just want to know if the rumor is true that MS Board Meetings are adjourned by saying "May His Merciful Shadow Fall Upon You."
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  4. Lee
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    Richman1, post: 26552, member: 333 said:
    Lee, are you seriously asking this question in light of the fact that MS has been heavily testing Cloud for some ten years now and developing and deploying cloud based services. Their free website where you could sync MS Office docs and keep them all on their server, first starting as MSN then Then changing the name to something else and then Live where everything is an app online and your data in on THEIR server and not your PC not to mention Office 365. Adobe which is now under the big Google umbrella is now all cloud based with CS6 and going forward all of their products are going to be subscription based all in the cloud where THEY, the company that developed it and sold it to you can control IT, what you bought and paid good money for. They are all doing it and more and more companies will start doing it as it means billions in revenue and billions out of our pockets. I can see a time when we are all subscription and cloud service fee'd to death just as the Hotel/Motel industry started charging for every extra anything you needed, an extra towel, bar of soap, local phone call and thee banking industry that finds new ways to fee account holders for an extra 500 billion in revenue per year along with every other industry that started doing this sort f thing inn the name of revenue and profit. They make millions doing it as we the consumer gets poorer and poorer until the USA becomes a third world country with rampant poverty

    No maybe you didn't get the point. It was meant as a joke as I new you were serious and was sarcastically implying sarcasm. I was in essence saying ..... 'You gotta be kidding me.'
    . . .not ignoring you just not going to get into topic until the lion gets and roars guess what. . .:happy:
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    Lee, post: 26631, member: 135 said:
    . . .not ignoring you just not going to get into topic until the lion gets and roars guess what. . .:happy:

    MilesAhead, post: 26599, member: 195 said:
    I just want to know if the rumor is true that MS Board Meetings are adjourned by saying "May His Merciful Shadow Fall Upon You."
    Rumor is they start with the secret hand shake.
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    Richman1, post: 26422, member: 333 said:
    Windows 9 Freeware ROFLMAO .............Oh your killing me I can't take it any longer. MS is always about the money and charging 3.5 times more than its worth. Point in case, Apple OS $39.95
    Huh, if the OS is soooo cheap, why do they charge 3.5 times the amount for the hardware you could actually build yourself and install OSx on, but for the EULA which makes it illegal to do so. Please, tell your FUD to someone you can actually convince of such cockamamie BS you so willingly regurgitate.

    Richman1, post: 26422, member: 333 said:
    LMAO, stop it already ...... LOL Own it? Do what you want with it? Please, MS leases the OS to YOU the USER and THEY (Microsoft) owns it and tells you what you can do with it. If you know what I mean.
    Well,, quite honestly, Guy is correct, one has more control over the software run locally on their PC.

    Richman1, post: 26422, member: 333 said:
    Sounds a lot like what they already have done with Office 365 and other products. Why not an OS. Sure sounds stupid to us users but it will make MS millions of dollars. So, sure, why not shove that down the consumer's pie whole.
    Again, I have to point out that you really do not seem to have a clue what you are talking about.
    Office 365 is actually cheaper to run when you have multiple systems (like 2 Desktops a Laptop and 2 Tablets)
    Do the math and the research, then speak on the topic.

    Richman1, post: 26422, member: 333 said:
    Yeh, you won't have to look far, Its called Linux, and I can't imagine they will ever go CLOUD.
    Maybe not, but most people are not going to spend half their time trying 150+ different distro's and trying to wade through
    free garbage software that may not be supported very long. Good luck with that.

    Not saying Linux is bad,, just not a mainstream OS, and never will be.
    The community as a whole sees to that very nicely, they only weaken themselves by not being anywhere close to united.

    Richman1, post: 26422, member: 333 said:
    LOL, Very funny, I like your sarcasm and play on the fact that the only time MS has come close to "a good stable and reliable 'client' ..... OS" is with XP and 7 after decade of trial and error. Did I miss one? Oh I guess its generally accepted that 98 became fairly stable and reliable after SE. Is 8 considered stable? I think its been having growing pains from all the chatter in forums.
    Win8 is by far the most Stable of them all. Have it running on 2 desktops a laptop and 2 Surface Pro tablets.
    Not a single crash or BSOD.

    Again, seems someone may not have all the knowledge they think they do and want to make FUD about it all.
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